This site gives high chip buyers better hands on the river!

I will never buy chips here! You say in the posts here that your deal is fair, no way! Players with high chip counts, probably bought and paid for, win 90% of the hands that go to the river, even if they only had one out! Lost 2 hands with a full house to 4 of a kind in 15 minute today, you placed the same “monitor” 3 seats to my left in 5 straight tournaments today; the odds of either of those happening are in the “exponential factors” of probabilities.How can you call this a fair site? You say it has been audited, but you pay for the audit and I am sure it does not take into account whether the winner has paid for chips. I am also sure you will delete this post post haste, another sign of a fair site!

Intresting topic, some player actually say the oposit. Just look it up in this community powered site.


Far as I know, RP the only playmoney site who made effort to check the random deals by third party.

Quote from CEO: "

You’re guaranteed a fair game at ReplayPoker

We believe strongly at ReplayPoker in the fairness of our poker games.

That’s why we asked Gaming Associates, an Australian based testing company who have audited real money poker sites like PKR, to perform an in-depth analysis of the randomness of the output of ReplayPoker’s random number generator (RNG), and our implementation of shuffling the cards.

Their evaluation is now complete and we’re very pleased to announce we have successfully met ALL their requirements, thus confirming:

the RNG generated results are uniformly distributed and statistically independent; and

shuffled cards for poker card games are fair and not predictable

A copy of the official Evaluation Certificate can be found on Gaming Associates website here.

We believe this makes ReplayPoker, the first and only play money poker site to be independently audited and guaranteed a fair game!



Öpösit comment on that…

Lets take the game of Omaha poker with 6 seats. That makes 24 cards in play for those seats and the five for everyone to play. Thats 29 cards. i have a quick eye and when i see the hands revealed i almost always see 3 aces in “all” players hands and sometimes just 2. it’s very rare you see less than 2 aces and thats not random at all. Just my 2 cents.

1, 29 card is 55.6 % you should see 2pc “A” most of the game. 2, Most players will ditch 72, again, you will see more higher cards ofc. 3, And 4,

Look the ods anywhere, you will see its right.


To the person above. The 10/20 omaha game is very low stakes and 75% of the time you get to see everyone’s cards including your precious 7/2 and were talking about 4 cards per person. There are more aces floating around than any % you can come up with. i have been playing omaha here the entire 4 months i have been here. i have seen all 4 aces many times too. not possible % wise. I should have mentioned the 4 aces in original post. I don’t even care that much. The game is free but if anyone here thinks that since they have a big stack here and could goto vegas and win a lot of money or win just a little most of the time in say a year is fooling themselves + _ +

72 just an example. worst hand. Collect your data and prove what you say. Plenty program on the internet. Look up the meaning of “random”, then look up the meaning of “random by CPU” before you bash anyone.