Beat on river

Used to love this site. Now it seems to be turning into every other poker site where if you just hang in there until the river your almost guaranteed the card you need is going to hit. I have lost millions of chips the last few days due to the river card. Ridiculous! It used to be more realistic

Unfortunately it’s all too easy to blame the site, when you’re losing. It would be a refreshing change to have someone complain that the site isn’t realistic when they’re winning.

hi mr replay.i am a terrible player but have won quite a few chips due to hitting some unreal cards.please make the site more realistic as I am tired of winning.just my English sense of humour.i hope you now feel refreshed.cheers mate.

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No, MrReplay, I do not agree with you. I have a lot of chips on this site and feel I’m a pretty good player. I understand the luck of the game and how sometimes you get unlucky and outdrawn. I play live poker and understand the game well. This is free poker so you have the ones that play all the way to the river and they get lucky and win. It happens to many times on this site. I have found the more I chat on the site, the more unlucky I get. It is like your system is programed to take away the players who like to chat so you can weed out any antagonist (someone who chats too much may be distraction to the game so lets have him lose so they are off the table). You don’t have to answer me back and defend yourself, I am just one person (maybe not??) I am signing off your site and going elsewhere. Defend away. Let the in-experience believe they are better than they are. I am not fooled. You lost me on this site.

I keep track of my own hands and use an odds calculator to determine whether I made a good decision or not.

On replaypoker, in the last 10 instances of going all in preflop playing heads up, I have lost every single instance where I was a 3:1 favorite, 7 out of ten total.

I fail to see how I could mathematically lose 7 out of ten times when I’m a 3:1 favorite or better every time. I know my real life experience at poker tables all over the world are flipped around, there I’ve won 7 out of ten, not losing them.