Getting beat again

So sick and tired of getting beat on the river, This stinks!! If I have 2pr on the flop or 3 of a kind the river is always someone’s flush or strt, I know that I am not the only one. Please Please, get this site checked again for bad software problems.

I hope your luck has changed gopo.

No doubt! I get sucked out by runner runner or on the river with a straight or flush on the flop ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I think the url for this site should be



and again and again and again REALLY!!!

I guess I am the only one who posts here! Look at this lucky nbeeotch!

dbb you may be the only one posting here but you’re aren’t alone in your thinking.

I’ve tried to tell them that the cards aren’t random but they don’t want to hear it. They get offended, actually.

I don’t agree at all that there are “favorites” that are selected to win as some has suggested.

What I have said, is that in any given tourny, there are a handful of players randomly selected to “catch” all the good cards.

It seems it doesn’t matter what their hole cards are because they will catch a hand in the community.

After you’ve played here long enough, you catch on pretty quickly that the cards are dropping or will be dropping in your favor. As a result, you will play your ‘crap’ hands.

I offered the proof through a tourny I won that was unbelievable. I won over 90% of the time no matter what hole cards I had.

Again, they don’t want to see or hear that.

Suspend your disbelief and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time here.

Check out the “Fair and Unfair” thread and you’ll see my postings.