Getting rivered so much that I think replay is rigged

It honest to god feels like I’m getting screwed by replay. Honestly I’ve opened quite a few accounts over the years and I felt like I was getting rivered yet could not hit cards so I close the account, retry, then same thing happens. I never wanted to buy chips so this time I paid $2 for 60,.000 last night. Then suddenly I wasn’t getting rivered and I was hitting cards. Now today it’s back to being rivered I had KK vs Q7 they hit a 7 on the flop i’m allin they call hit another 7 on the river just now I had aces vs some bs like 86 and they call my allin and river a straight. I know I’m not making this up I’ve seen it enough I’m convinced this is rigged somehow because they want you to continue to give them money.

Think about it only after I paid them the same day my cards hold up that’s not a coincidence. Zynga is actually certified to be fair now and I think they’re better than this site. The only reason I like this site is the multi table tournaments but why can’t it just be a fair game? Greedy owners.

I realize the topic wsan’t a question but here’s my question why screw people who just want to have fun?