This isn't poker anymore

I’m sure to some this will seem like I’m crying in my beer but this isn’t poker anymore. To many it’s become a gambler’s high with no repercussions if they lose, other than to have to wait until tomorrow to try their luck again. I know RP has always had this problem but this is beyond ridiculous and I certainly don’t have the time to scope out decent tables where players take pride in their skill. That alone could take a good half hour or so. I won’t claim that I have the answer but it seems as though RP has thrown up it’s hands on the issue, falling back on the standard “It’s No Limit Poker so deal with it” attitude. Well fine RP, but what are you going to do when those of us who want to play skilled poker decide we’ve had enough ? Do you really think the AI gamblers are going to stay ?

I’m throwing out a Hail Mary pass here but have you looked into private leagues ? Some really nice and talented people playing exclusively in those because of similar circumstances.

Just a thought.


“It’s no limit poker, so deal with it,” is exactly what skilled players do. Knowing how to deal with hyper-aggro players is an essential skill.


Yo Slick, these aren’t “hyper-aggro” players, they’re free chip gamblers that know if they lose there’s always tomorrow. And you know it. So don’t preach to me and insult my intelligence .

Most people are playing here for fun and social activity. It’s like a $5 home game, no one is really taking it too seriously it’s just something to do with your friends.

If you want to play with people taking the game seriously your best bet is to play for real money. Even if you play micro stakes online you’ll get a significantly higher quality of play than a free site. Most people should be able to afford a 2nl bankroll, which would give you a chance to experience something resembling proper poker.

As Craig said private leagues may interest you. Once your rank is better than 3000 you become eligible to play in the “donks” league which has a higher standard of play than most of the site. Send BlackWidow a friend request if you reach this rank and ask her to join the league, you may enjoy the play there.


OK Scooter.


Since you know it, what are you expecting from the play here. At every level of blinds from 1/2-50/100 everyone limps pretty much every hand preflop. That alone should tell you the quality of play that you’re going to face. I play here to just f’around, but I know that this isn’t serious poker so I don’t get bent when someone plays 72o and sucks out on me. As unskilld said, play a low stakes micro if you want to experience better play. It’s not a great deal better, but your opponents at least have something at risk, so they’re trying to play better than what you will experience here. Anyway, the best thing about Replay is it gives you lots of hands to see to practice your hand reading.


my opinion is replay gives out way to many chips through contest and facebook where figure out which hand will in. plus get chip reward for endorsements and certain achievements. all different kinds of leader boards. daily log in bonus.

Here’s the way I think of it, given all the aspects that many of you have already mentioned above:

It’s arcade poker. (Although as Craig pointed out, you can find people here that do play seriously and skillfully)

Without real money at stake, it’s not anything near “real poker.” Expecting it be anything near that is setting yourself up for disappointment.

I don’t mean that as a knock on Replay - it’s not at all. I like arcade games - they’re fun. Ergo, my good man (or woman), Replay is fun.

And I have found that if I play in a mix of “arcade mode” and “real poker mode” as the situation presents itself, I do pretty well and have a lot of fun.


If you want to play with better players, play the stakes better players play.

The minimum buyin at 200/400 is 50k. You can’t “wait until tomorrow” to try your luck again, so logically, you will see less of the type of play you hate.

You can’t possibly know what they know or don’t know.

You can’t possibly know what I know or don’t know. If you knew what I know, you would never have started this thread.

I never preach to you or anyone.

I’m not insulting your intelligence.

Again, if you want to play better players, go play the stakes they play. It’s not that complicated.

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Finn007 I have noticed the higher stake games play more sanely than low stakes. try a 5,000 table


If I knew what you know ? What are you, a secret agent or something ? LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

I can neither confirm nor deny my status as a secret agent.

You said, “and you know it.” I was pointing out that you can’t know what I know or don’t know.


I either go to the higher-stakes games or to the 9-hand sit-and-go tables. To a limited degree, kids and bingo players at the sit-and-go tables tend to be the first three who lose their boodles, the second three tend to be inexperienced players, and the last three tend to be decent players. Well, relative to me, anyway LOL.

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Thread starter is way too upset & Usual Weasils have got to have the last word, Priceless!

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I agree. I have taken to labeling the all-inners and do not play at a table where they appear. Problem is to find a table without an all inner. They actually think they are playing poker

Over the years I have purchased more chips than I have won. Once I lose the remaining chips, I am done. I have recently been annoyed by one particular player who plays one or 2 hands then posts and folds for dozen of hands, hoping that we all knock each other out.
The other thing that has been annoying me is that AK suited NEVER wins and consecutive suited such as 89 rarely wins.
Having said that, I am just a crap player.

I have the opposite problem. AK suited will hit a flush. Suited connectors (especially 8/9) will hit a flush. Other suited face cards are absolutely useless. Not as useless as pocket jacks, obviously, but useless nonetheless.

Yep,when I play and someone goes all in…I just fold weather I have an A or not…GH BINGO

Try the league games! Good poker and you get friends and play for a team!