Integrity of the game

I was playing a low stakes table yesterday. There were a few empty seats and suddenly two players showed up at the same time. “LikeASir9” and “LikeASir10” Seemed fishy to me and, sure enough, sometime later both names disappeared at exactly the same time.

This was one player occupying more than one seat at the table. You actually allow this? Sure, we don’t play for real money so there’s no harm but it’s still wrong.

Just another example of how much online games differ from live poker games where the cards are truly random and the rules are always followed.

And one more example of why I’ll never play for real money online. I won’t play on your site any longer either unless your response gives me good reason to come back.

Thanks for reporting this. It’s 100% against the rules of RP to have more than one account, as you’ll see here:

I’ll report this player to the mods as it certainly appears to be one person with multiple accounts, they can then take the necessary action to ban those accounts.

We plan on introducing soon a feature that prevents players from the same internet connection from playing against each other on any ring game table and in tournament with less than X players. With more than X players we’ll prevent players on the same internet connection from playing on the same table until the final table - this is the same approach the real money poker sites take.

Paul Gould:

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