Hello all! I have a more than a few ‘friends’ that are ABSOLUTELY convinced there are ‘bots’ running in the code EVERYWHERE and controlling who wins/loses and draws. Telling the about the certified random generator just falls on deaf ears. I could use some advise to sway them from their way of thinking just a little bit. Not only do they believe in bots in the ring games but wont even consider buying a membership and arrange for private tables to get away from the Replay ‘shills’ and b/h’s. Just call me FRUSTRATED but not late for dinner, lol…

Have you checked out the loooong thread under “Fairness Debate” here, SWFL? There’s lots of good (as well as crazy) stuff in that thread that might be helpful. But those who do not wish to hear—simply won’t.


Find smarter friends.


Thanks. I will check it out. Ur right tho, in the end they believe what they want to no matter what…


:rofl: Now SWFL is going to friend you on Replay Poker, SPG.


How do You get a Bot on Your side?

Re-bot-triate it?

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Replay Special Agent #4592 mapping out exactly how SWFL, after going “all-in” with 72o will hit runner/runner 7’s after the flop to beat SPG who, holding AK, will have paired them up on the flop.

(It is my understanding that Puggy obtained and leaked this footage. Hasn’t been heard from since. Coincidence? You decide.)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Hahahahahaha, awesome :clap:t2: Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: :plate_with_cutlery:



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A certified Random Number Generator (RNG) is like the keys to a million dollar car. No matter how nice they may feel in your pocket, they are useless without the car.

In fact, RNGs get a bad rep because of a famous case where a naive shuffling algorithm was coupled with an off the shelf RNG which gave savvy folks the ability reproduce the shuffled deck, and therefore know exactly what the next card is going to be.

Changing the RNG is all you need to do to stymie those folks, but it’s just as easy to throw out the naive shuffling algorithm and continue on with the off the shelf RNG.

If you riffle shuffle a deck of cards 7 times, the result is totally random and is very likely to be in an order that has never before been seen in the history of the world.

There are over 80 duovigintillion ways to order a deck of cards (seriously, it’s a ridiculous number … look it up). In all of those astronomical possibilities, it’s still a 1 in 52 chance that the first card off the top of the deck is going to be the ace of spades.

One way to convince friends with analytic minds would be to have them construct a business model where cheating one set of players in favor of another set would generate more money than letting the cards fall where they may.

One way Replay might be able to convince folks, would be to have a table where the deck is shuffled and 26 cards are dealt face up, then each player gets to guess what the next 3 cards will be in sequence.
Guess 1, get 10,000 chips
Guess 2, get 100,000 chips
Guess all three, get 1,000,000 chips.

It would probably be a fun game for folks who are broke, but by having Chips won vs total deals, the quality of the random order could easily be shown to track the odds of pure chance.

@TroubleUnit ,

80 duovigintillion seems a little high to me.

Bound to be off by a few million million million million million million million million million million million million or so, but not by much. (It’s actually closer to 81 duovigintillion than it is to 80)

Could he have meant duoviRgintillion? LOL. Thanks for all the replies…

You should hear what people are saying about Covid-19!

The fact of the matter is that people who can’t win at poker will not accept that it is a game of skill and that intelligence comes into play. Not only do you need a good mathematical ability, and an ability to think quickly, but you also need to be a good student of human behavior and patterns.

Just knowing the mechanics of the game and how to make bets is not enough. You always have to combine the bet with probability. You have an open-ended straight draw, so 8 outs on the turn and river, but which of these outs could help an opponent beat you, give them a flush, give them a boat? If you have made that calculation correctly and compared it to the pot odds within a few seconds, then you will do well, but let’s face it, a lot of people can’t make these calculations and just rely on rules of thumb like calling any bet with an open ended straight draw.

Recently a player I often encounter commented in the box “I have not had a lot of luck lately”. But that player is a hard core calling station whose game depends greatly on luck. Sometimes he does get a big stack, but he rarely gets the maximum benefit out of his good hands because he is entirely predictable and does not realize that opponents completely understand what he is doing, what he has done, and what he is going to do.

Everybody gets bad beats of course. You shove with AA, get called by a player with 2 3 and get knocked out, but if you are a good player you will still win more often than a bad player, because you tilt the probabilities to your advantage and when you win pots, you win big pots.


Dont know about bots, but why on Omaha HiLo does a useable low card NEVER come out on the river? So little that I bet on it. Also, why does it seem I can predict the river card a decent amount of time? Believe me, I am NOT psychic.

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Someone can use it, just not you !

I thought it was closer to 79 duovigintillion, but I could be mistaken. :yum: