Picture perfect

I think everyone should have and avatar or picture. What do y’all think?

Yes i agree, that would be nice:)

You can upload a picture or image by the tab " Profile " in your menu. There you can edit your profile.

Dont forget to push the green button “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page after you uploaded a pic or image.

I think as a whole, the profile area needs a over haul. As it is now, it is very basic compaired to other sites.

I think, he ask for size of pic.?

RP keep it simple , but will be re-do soon

I think he ask for all users should have pic uploaded, may default random, if they not wish to change it.

You have right ,

I dont know anymore what to think , or he changed something .

I think we should be able to on the tables

Hi rick, thanks for your suggestion… please let us know what you’d like to see on a new profile area.

Sorry loadit, not sure what you mean… can you explain further?

I agree with you darkhorse58, but it’s hard to force people to upload an avatar if they don’t want to. We’re planning to show your avatar at the table and I think this will help encourage more people to pick a picture to use.

just saying show your picture where you are sitting like you said in your response

Ahh okay cool… :slight_smile:

i agree with you gogo.

To see the profile pic you only have to click on the seat of that player. You can see it in the mini profile. I like it to see a pic there and on the page with the online players not on the table.

…or obligatory option to hide all the avatars pic., but I vote for current status.

I agree with gopo and Happiness that it’s fine the way it is.

Having a photo at the tables are ok but I worry about those avatars that might be of adult content. It can happen and will happen. So, on that note. I favor not having any photo showing at the tables.

It is fine the way it is.

If they put up an avatar like that then thats abuse and they should be banned

The problem is darkhorse, is that then, Replay becomes the judge and jury, as to who is offensive. It’s not only adult content, there are some that are freaky too! That’s their choice of course, but I just don’t see where having a picture staring at you, helps anybody’s game. Keep it the same please!

i agree with gopo. I’m not in favour of giving everyone a whole lot of options, then banning people who don’t comply with good behaviour. It is distracting and really does nothing to enhance the game. I also don’t want Replay to conform to being a copy of every other poker site, I have chosen to play here because that is NOT the case. People can already add their photo, and with one click anyone who is interested may view it. Although Replay is also a ‘social’ site, which is nice, the main objective is playing poker… not chat and photos. There are plenty of sites that focus on socializing alone, and if I remember correctly Gopo has previously asked for a forum where players may chat and socialize with one another. I like that idea of keeping it separate, and not at the tables.