Give us the ability to hide certain user profile pictures

I don’t want to look at certain users profile pictures during play. They are acceptable in the sense they don’t violate any rules, but I dislike them personally and don’t want to see them. Usually because I find them distracting or something like that. An option to “hide this users picture” would be great


I couldn’t agree more. There aren’t a lot that I would block, but it would be nice if it was our choice.

I do believe that the addition of profile pictures has enhanced the appearance of the new tables. I have noticed that some players who just had blank profiles have now added pictures, some really inventive, others pictures of themselves or their families, and one player changes his profile picture regularly and always makes me smile. If some players prefer a bland table then so be it, but I think most of us enjoy them.


would love this. few months ago was a profile pic that didn’t violate anything, but the pic itself gave me the creeps and disturbing to have to look it all the time. there was promotion had to play 24/7 ring tables to get points. didn’t matter what table sat at. that individual came to play.

I agree , this is one of the features that I enjoy . I haven’t see any that I would block ,

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Most of us enjoy most of them, but if I want see 8 dogs playing poker, there’s a much better classic picture of that. I would not be offended if anyone blocked my pic. I probably brought it on myself.

lolol … sorry but this is just funny , so if someone uses a picture of daisies but you you prefer roses you would like the option to block the picture.


Get a pad of small Post-It notes… done.



Now why would anyone block daisies? I think I have actually seen those. I do think that anyone allergic to daisies should have the right to block it though, or anyone who was beaten with daisies as a child. And as for dogs, I considered putting my Great Dane on my pic, but you’d need a bigger circle. I would certainly understand though if it scared a chihuahua at the table and got blocked.


Maybe they were traumatized after seeing this movie image


Well, then I change my mind completely. Please tell me who they are and what tables they normally play on. Also, I assume I can use that image for my pic?

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I like the pictures ! I am friends with a player here that changes his profile picture every week and goes thru the trouble of explaining the historical significance of that picture in his bio. That takes a lot of time. I for one appreciate the effort put forward.

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I wasn’t suggesting to remove user images entirely from the table. I also enjoy them in general. I only ask for users to be able to block profile images they do not wish to see when playing. The reasons why someone may not like a specific avatar are irrelevant and up to individual preference.

“Sorry, I don’t like your look, please put this bag on your head.”

This has never worked for me offline, but it could work here, I guess.


You don’t need to ask them to do anything. You get an option “Hide this users avatar” and you and only you don’t see it anymore. Pokerstars has exactly the same feature.

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I don’t see how having this feature would inconvenience anyone, and I certainly agree that I would have used it on occasion.

It would be very nice to have the option to hide someone’s avatar at the table.


You don’t need replay poker to implement this for you!
You can run custom CSS to modify the display of ANY website.

What you need:
some form of browser plugin that allows running your own CSS on top of websites. I use

And then you set your CSS plugin to run this code:

    .Seat__avatarContainer {
       display: none

on the website:

It should look something like this:

Then next time you load a new poker game no profile pictures will display.

If you want to have pictures display by default, but hide specific ones as you go… that’s entirely possible, but harder to explain. You’d use the development console on your browser, usually open-able by hitting F12. Then you can use the element inspector to select the specific pic you want to hide and set it’s display to none.


I don’t know why this is an issue all of a sudden, something must have happened to bring this subject up. I think it adds color to the tables as I’ve said before. If you want to make it all uniform you can have 10 avatars to choose from ( like emojis ) or the players country flag. Other than that bland is not good in my humble opinion.

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