Idea-Make it so profile pictures are seen at the table

If anyone doesnt understand what i mean ill try to explain it.

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We can’t enforce that, sorry.


Don’t we already see profile pictures on the tables ?

make it so when you hover over another player it shows their height and weight

do you mean seeing the profile picture instead of the username or both at the same time.

if it’s instead i don’t think it’s a good idea.
if it’s both i think it would add something but not much either. picture can be seen by clicking on him already.

I hope the OP comes back to explain because I have no idea what he means now.

i mean at the same time. on other sites you always see the profile picture and username. i did a terrible job explaining myself. on other sites you dont need to click on the username to see the profile picture, its just on the table.

in that case i think it is a good idea. there is no harm in it anyway and as you said at least you won’t have to click a person to see.

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I prefer see picture then name , its does make me calm if i want to swearing at them.

Good morning GhostRhino. I understand now what you are saying. Perhaps an avatar but I don’t think you can make it mandatory to have a player post a picture.

Thank you for the clarification.


Ich finde diesen Idee sehr gut, warum nicht, wenn Frauen will mitmachen warum nicht. Ich bin dabei.


Don’t like this idea at all. Best thing about replay is that the screen is not filled up with pictures and advertisements and messages like a couple of other sites which are very distracting. It is actually organized efficiently to provide players with the information needed to play and ability to chat with other players. For those of us who are here for the poker NOT for the social interaction, RE is perfect for us. Let’s keep it that way.

Not that I’m anti-social. I’m not. I do like the atmosphere and banter at a real card room with real money in the drop. But this is internet poker not some kind of reality show with subplots and drama. Keep it simple and deal’em.


change profile to include the players checking account balance ($ for USA, EU for europeans, Pound for britain) and whether they own house or rent

Hahahahahaha !!!

@GhostRhino - Another great idea. We plan to implement something like this when we move from Flash to HTML5, but that’s still a bit out.

@Rockit - Great point and solid feedback. We’ll make sure the table’s not looking too cluttery, either!

That’s a very good idea.

**Why can’t that be enforced, Mr.Anthony?

Once again … Don’t we already see profile pictures on the tables ?

In all the years I have been a website administrator I do know this. 1. How do you know if that is the real persons picture behind the screen name. 2. Real pictures ? how do you enforce that being a privacy concern/issue. 3. Avatars are optional also.

I think it’s great that Replay gives the option at all on pictures and avatars.

I post my real picture because I’m handsome hahahahaha…

Have an AWESOME day :slight_smile:

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I use the pic I have because if you click on it on my profile the eyes actually roll…lol

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