Can’t seem to change my avatar. Any suggestions?

I wonder what you have tried so far (what steps you’ve taken). And have you been able to do it in the past? And one simple problem some folks have had–remembering to scroll down and save after you select your new avatar.
No doubt you’ve done all the right things, but–maybe not?


When you change your avatar, don’t forget to update the page before closing it, log out and back in again and it should show your new avatar



That’s a good start :+1:t2:

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Think back to when you changed it from a clown. Re-trace all of your steps…


See told everyone Clowns are scary, and evil…that Clown put the some bad juju on your avatar.
Seriously hope you can get the avatar thing corrected.


Got it !!
Image I tried to upload was not supported.

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Don’t forget to have your new avatar change on the forums after you change your profile avatar you have to log out of the forums, wait 60 seconds, log in and there it is.

I have had several avatars and tried to go back to one to repost and could not find it or the others. Are they deleted or is there a way to require them? Thanks

When you change your avatar the old one is gone from your profile.
You can re-use it again by uploading it again from your computer.
Hope this helps.

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Or see if you have previous copies that you might have edited in ‘Paint’ or any such editing program on your 'puter before uploading to your profile.



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When I changed my avatar I just hit the refresh button on the lobby page. I didn’t need to log out. Maybe because I use linux?

  • on upload use “circle” for best -size & zoom- results (should be default imo)