How to change my forum picture?

I don’t understand, I can’t change it in my settings…

if you mean with this “forum picture” your avatar maybe i can help.

first of all your avatar on the forums is the same as the one you use on replay itself.

the way of changing it is like this (forgive me if i use the wrong words, because it’s in dutch with me and i translate it myself) :you go to your profile, then go to edit profile (this is with a pencil sign under your level/title) then go to the change profile picture option.

hope this helps

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What you have to do is click on your icon in the forums , there you will see a drop down …look at the bottom and click on Log Out. When you log back on the picture will be changed to the one you are using currently as you profile picture. Hope this helps.


Thanks the other guy gave useless help.

This didn’t help me at all.

your welcome