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I had recently deleted my photo and changed to another then changed back to no photo.

I just noticed that the original photo was still retained here in the forums next to my recent posts.

Why is that happening after I remove the picture???

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Sharon-thanks for your answer you are a wealth of knowledge that needs recognition and appreciation. I hope I am (although I know I am not) the only one who appreciates your input.

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Thanks SharonSmarty! Even I didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sharon, No way can i let this go without my own smart remark like i hope you are smarter than you look LO!!! Just kidding my friend !! I agree with wild Bill about your knowledge but more than that you play a really good game of poker!!! Thanks for being a good friend !! Des

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Sharon’s knowledge and quality of play deserve consideration for player of the month. Her contr ibutions to com.chat and humor at the table only serve to reinforce this suggestion

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Thanks OSU for your feedback, I totally agree. Sharon and a number of other long time players help to make this site great. They deserve Player of the Month or any other recognition we can bestow. While all of us may/may not agree with them all of the time, it is players like this who keep the dialogue open. No other site that I am aware of has this familiarity. That said, I would without hesitation second the nomination of our favorite smarty for any accolade we can bestow. She and others are truly more deserving than I was or am. Please don’t let her know I said these things, hate to see her get a big head over it!!



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Can be both in option? location and nationality?

Why do you want to know nationality?

not confuse when some in US and they from Japan and get abused or something, I guess

Yeah we could show both, so players choose their nationality, but we also show whereabouts they’re currently located. I wonder which players would be more interested to show, say in the tournament pop-up lobby, a player’s location or nationality?

I like to see players location. For me it is more interesting to see from where players playing than the nationality they have.

to many people dont know flags, need write the name of country under flag.

You can find the name of the country on the players profile:)

I think The user should chose to show location or nationality themselves if they wish.
Same with gender, ofc You cant check that.

Happi, they cannot see it at lobby or on table, there is only flags, they are alwys asking - what flag is is?..,. and im tired to tell them to check a profile… by the way… to check a profile when you play a game its not good, its always cut off my connection, and other players have same problem… i know as i play many hours per day here and see many players and many things…