Chips for avatar?

can i suggest that we can spend our chips on customizing for a avatar. like the sims hehehe.

Heh, neat idea. I’m a big fan of offering stuff that doesn’t impact the gameplay, and cosmetic items are always tons of fun.

Have you checked out the new avatar selection? It’s a heck of a lot easier to change now, including from a webcam.

lil bit off, but if Im not mistaken, see before a gif uploaded… can do?
sorry for the off, dont know about sims nuthing…

The tables look OK as they are without more trash helping to slow some players down or timing them out! We are here to play POKER not check out pictures on avatars like a photo gallery! WHATEVER NEXT! Adults or children?

Really,get serious most of us are here for social fun reasons at least the players I know are. If we wanted serious hard play we would do real money some place. We are after all social beings (well maybe not you) :grin: lol
This world is a sad enough place why not make this a place to have some fun and make friends?

I like the idea of being able to ‘spend’ your chips on stuff… it’d help the poker chip economy, and would be fun for players too. Of course if you’re the type of player that is only interested in the game, then there should be a simple way to ‘opt-out’ of anything that might be distracting. I think we can cater for both types of players, so thanks for the suggestion thespian023 - good idea! :slight_smile: