On tilt

i can handle the way the cards fall, people’s erratic betting, and even my own dumb mistakes. what i can’t handle is trying to bet or raise, look up, and find out i’ve been folded. this has happened so many times, it’s really getting frustrating, and i’m seriously thinking of looking for another place to play. if i thought it was my mouse, i’d throw it away and buy another, but i think it is in the site. granted, sometimes the timer just runs out, but i’ve had it happen before the warning buzzer sounds. this is costing me untold chips, and making it hard to play the following hands, because i just saw the chips i had used to build up a nice pot for my disguised killer hand, vanish. any suggestions?

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Sometimes the site lags. Try to keep as few tabs open to the site as possible, especially the lobby. Try to act quickly when it’s your turn. Think and decide what you’re doing ahead of time.

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Connection problems can cause it too. I am in Kenya and have it happen to me a lot. If your connection is slow Replay doesn’t pick it up in time and folds you. Not a lot you can do about it really.

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Oh, one more thing, if you are having this problem a lot, don’t play turbo games. Avoid the games in the lobby marked with the lightning bolt icon, they have shorter timers. They pay out more, but if you keep getting folded then it may not be worth it.


Best way to avoid that is to click on boxes to call, bet 2x/3x/pot, fold, all-in. Not many cases where you can’t determine your play before its your turn to play. Leaving your decision making while under the clock is less than ideal and many times your folded while changing a play. Used to happen to me allot when I started. Now I cant remember the last time. On the other hand it maybe is saving you chips you would have lost, no say.

I didn’t know there were of those! That is awesome. I’ll see if I can play there

My Grandmother was on tilt once. Well, she was kinda tilted anyway.

I was afraid she was gonna fall off her chair, so I rushed over and straightened her up. Before long, she started tilting again. I set her up straight again,

That’s when she said, “Leave me alone, you damn fool, I’m trying to fart!”

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Next time try using duct tape. :wink:


I doubt you would hold still long enough for that. :slight_smile:

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