Ran out of tme

Just got timed out on a 600000 pot . Just came to my turn to bet I was going all in 250000 It did not even give me a chance like 2 sec. That was terrible may never play again. I know it happens to other players also.

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I have been on the frustrating side of a few glitches myself recently, none as costly as yours however!!!
The most annoying and most frequent one I have encountered over the past weeks is:

I make my action and it seems as if the button is unresponsive but eventually my chips hit the pot.
Now I hear the remaining players’ actions but see nothing!!! Next I hear cards hitting the board, being dealt but again see nothing!! Now suddenly I see a full board, flop turn and river and there sits my hand timed out.
I now have the ghastly displeasure of being nothing more than a spectator as the last betting round is completed which more often than not may have been quite profitable for me.

On the bright side ; at least my opening bet gets through and fattens the pot nicely for the other players. :ok_hand: Your welcome :face_vomiting:

This is not a technical issue on my side, my internet connection is incredibly fast and my laptop is running like a dream as it should be given its only 2 months old

What is a boy to do???

P.S In no way am I saying that this is a conspiratorial issue regarding rigged games or any of that nonsense, merely saying that it has and continues to “bug” :blush: the hell out of me.

Stay Sweet, Be Shady :sunglasses:

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I have found that if you “Park” your main browser window
on any non-updating page, while you play on tables…
such as Promotions, you will experience less lag on the
tables you are playing on. Of the 3 main lobbies, SnG is laggiest.


I don’t even know how many times this has happened to me.

I appreciate your help Sassy alas I have tried that along with closing every tab and only leaving the table itself open. No joy in any scenario. :disappointed:

Gratefully Vin-Irie( VinnShady)

This is one reason I never play turbo tables. A little lag or sometimes even thinking too long when deciding on action often results in a fold.

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Thread #1: “All these slow players drive me crazy! We need faster tables!”
Thread #2: “These tables are too fast! I was forced to fold a huge pot without getting the chance to act!”

Can’t we all just get along?


Is that a needle? lol

Oh Yeah! Join the Club I’m having sweatshirts made.

Replay should have corrected all the bugs on the other game before making “new & improved bugs”.

I’ve been Aborted out of the site many times since the overhaul of the site.

Relax & Enjoy, It Only will happen when You have the Wining Cards on the table. :cold_face: