Time to leave

I don’t know why, maybe I said something wrong and pissed somebody off, but… For the last month or so, I cant win a decent hand. If I have a straight, someone else has a better one. If I have a flush, someone else has a higher one. If I have a Pair of Kings, someone has Aces. If I have a high card of 4, someone has a 5. If I flop a straight, some pulls a flush. I have 3 aces, someone has a fullhouse. Some how this is a fixed game. I will play out all my chips, and move on.


oh that sounds femiliar…happens to me olso…when i get pocket A’si loose from 3 2’sand if i fold the pre-flop the cards to win turn and if i play whit AA or KK so good cards i loose 9of10 hands from somebody whit low cards 24 or 25 … but i am glad i not the only 1 who has that problem


If you are not in the right seat, you won’t win! Simple. Go visit a bunch of different value tables in the ring games and check the chip stacks. I’ll guarantee you’ll see one seat way out ahead of the rest with his stack and if you watch for 10 mins, you’ll see he keeps winning against players with what you’d be forgiven for thinking had “winning hands” so they bet only to be beat by a higher one. I guess, since it is just a program, not real play, we have to accept this but I object to it being describes as " That’s poker" because it is not! At least THAT is MY opinion, for what it is worth, which ain’[t much I guess!

started playing in 2014 first couple weeks went pretty good got to 3 hundred thousand and then started going backward and couldnt win nothing made it almost back to zero. i did that twice now, 4 weeks ago i was at 3.5 million and guess what back to loseing every hand and headed towards zero again.i cant understand how i can play good enough to get to 3.5 miill.then then just simply not be good enouugh to even slow the losses down.not to mention how many times the river seems to be the decideing factor…but all of replay reps say the same crap and tell us we are just to stupid to play properly…by the way i’m down to just over 3 hundred thousand…

@daveweaver2 I experience the same thing. I rarely play anymore

Know the feeling.The site seems to lean towards all-in players.

almost 2 weeks since i posted last obviously i must be a complete moron cause its a no win situation keep loseing like i’ve never played the game before. decided when i get to zero i’m gone…plus its not free i pay for my internet and was chosing to use it here but i guess thats not good enough. ive played at most of the other poker sites and i am at least consistant on them and can at least slow the loseing down but not at replay win slowly and trickle back to zero.been doing it 2 years enough is enough. if it smells like crap and looks like crap its probably crap…shoulnt have to taste it.

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1 getting mysteriously dc’ed when having the winning hand??? (they F with you to upset you so you start to make mistakes, lose your chips…and…pls buy more chips!!!)
2 amazing 2 pairs on the table over and over again??? (shows the well programmed card generator, random dealing does not exist here!!!)
3 you win like crazy only to lose it directly afterwards??? (pls buy more chips!!!)
4 fold your crap hand to find out you had the nuts??? play your crap hand and lose!!! (happens too much)
5 pls buy more chips!!!
6 “how can we make people buy more chips? hmmm…”

Replay F’s with people so they can make more money, that’s the whole story.

Never ever buy chips here!

Fake shite…it’s a joke. Nothing to do with poker what so ever, so why it’s called replay poker? REPLAY MAGIC CARD TRICKS is more like it!



…and why is Google analitics monitoring these tables???

well after many days of trying my damndest i’m down to zero all the way from 3.5 million to 0 if i were some one considering buying chips i suggest you look to another site this one is just wrong. no other way to put it.im closeing my account and looking for something else

dont know if u are still playing but you wont find a btter site then this. Owners moderator both great…look poker is luck so sometimes runs cold…give it a chance or if yu feel that upset then try find better place that suits yiu…personally this is top notch

i have been at it on this site for over 2 years 10 years at playin online poker, here you go up and you go back to to zero gets to be a point where you cant seem to acheive anything…havent had this problem at sites where you pay to play so i cant undrestand how you cant even slow your losses down maybe it would help if i bought chips…i dont claim to be the best but i definitly not worst…but i’m glad you enjoy the site, good luck at the tables;)