Odds of every hand if not fixed

the games are fixed there is no way in hell that the odds could be that much against

some one just luck along would not be that lucky to beat the hands i get all the time.

No program or anybody is singling you out joseph. Everybody, and I mean everybody goes through periods of getting dealt bad cards. I certainly can understand how you must feel. I have felt the same way you have and it is awfully frustrating I know. That’s just poker. Keep playing and eventually the cards will come to you and then you’ll feel like you’re the King of the World! Unbeatable~ :slight_smile:

1 more thing joseph. What’s even more frustrating is getting dealt great cards and still getting beat by someone with a better hand. It happens all the time. So, like i said in my prior post, keep your head up keep smiling and keep playing. You will be a winner.


(very nice Shaaggaboo! Keep play joseph,its free and you will be better fold that bad hands) From the CEO of RP

“Paul Gould (Official Rep) over 3 years ago We’re confident in the fairness of our game. The independent audit carried out by Gaming Associates confirmed the game played on ReplayPoker is perfectly random and unbiased. However we would like to do even more to convince players this really is the case. We’re thinking of creating a new real-time (or near real-time) stats page on the site showing cumulative and aggregated statistics for hands dealt each day. Do you think something like this would give you greater confidence? If so, what sort of stats would you like for us to publish in real-time?”

may be you can show a running per hand per player by the seat of player that all can see at the same time if i new what another player is doing in real time would be good. then we could all feel that we are all getting the same average. if we are playing well. and i know that luck has a lot to do with it also. thank you for help.

Show other player real time stats is may not a good idea, I think most would get angry about it. Its confidential data… I think its planned, individual players could set up show the data for others, if they wish. Not sure that still planned by RP.

even if the odds on a hand are 20 to 1 it doesn’t mean it will happen every 20 hands you might go 50 or 60 hands before it hits but then again you might hit with it 3 hands in a row. so showing odds really would have no effect.