Random shuffle

really don,t know how random this is,last two days i,ve seen more str8 and flushes then i can count.two tourneys i seen quads{4 of a kind}8 times,not counting one of my own.almost dont want to bet or stay in anymore without floppin a boat or str8.just me or others see this. not really complaining but lot harder to cope with that and all the alli betting every hand and running the timer out every card.

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you are not alone I also notice a lot of weird things happening

4 on the board flushes (and even 5x) - where winner has one suited card to the flush on the board is very common as well. With multiples of other players having at least one other card from that suit. There are as far as I know only 13 cards to a suit. LOL
But as I have said on a previous post - the number of hands you can play in an hour compared to live tables is huge. This may account for some what we see, but possibly not all. Maybe some system explanation for this experience. Lots of system updates lately, etc.



Just to add my two cents. The updates we’re doing won’t have any effect on the RNG/shuffling of the cards, it’s an entirely different part of the system. That part hasn’t been touched now for some time (years, rather than months). So any variations you’re seeing are purely random.

We intend to roll out up to date stats on all the aggregate data on the site and publish it for everyone to see. The idea being we want to be as transparent as possible. So you (and us) can have piece of mind that what’s happening on the tables is statistically expected (and thus 100% random).

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60% of flops will contain 2 suited cards. With so many players calling to the flop, the probability that someone has a flush draw on each hand is extremely high.

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random haha what a joke hey mr replay man explain 2 all players just how this random dealing keeps missing my seat daily everyday 4 the last 7 months now. I get maybe three wins out of every hundred hnds played on ur tables an I do play ec every day, miss 1 day out of about 300 days now. an this is cont. happens every day explain just how this can happen. an be called ??? random. they is no pattern in random , my daily hnds of a hundred daily is oppox 3 hnds tht win out of the hundred daily tht my reply is a fact an truth. an at the same time players tht come an go get 4 out of 10 they ply an leave an the ones tht stay get mulit hnds but not me an this is every day so this is not random this is your I feel atemp to make me leave the site. an also random don’t mean tht 1 players gets 7 out of 10 hnds just like player Bradley 11562 does daily twice daily an others have seen this also , facts an truth. so please mr replay explain just how I can play 7 months daily an get 3 4 hnds tht win out of every hundred I play . played 2oo hnds 1 day an got only 2 wins hnd random ??? is it selective ive ty tried every other wat 2 get u to answer me so please explain it 2 all the players an myself tk u

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I asked you earlier about the Shuffling of the deck. Your response was very accurate and understanding.
But I have to question it again. This past Friday night I was playing and four suited cards were dealt out on the board nine times. Last night four suited cards were dealt out four times in 45min. By the end of my night four suited were dealt out Eight times. Five suited dealt out two times. It also seems like straights are dealt out more often. I"m not looking for another response. Just wanted you to know. Thank You

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Love your site. You do great work and always answer our questions. But dealing of the cards seems to be getting more challenging. Last night played 1hr 15 min and had 5 suited cards dealt out to the table 5 times. Within the next hour it happened again 3 times. Makes it really tough to have any confidence to bet after the flop when you think this will happen again. Will keep on playing, enjoy your site most of the time and meet some good players who respect the game. Thank You.

On the site for 18min. Four suited cards dealt out five times.

I was wrong it was only 3 times that they were dealt out