Nordic Warriors League

Nordic Warrior League Members!
Tonight’s game is called Thor’s Hammer
Saturday 20k entry! NL Omaha Hi/Lo
Game Tonight at 6:30pm EST.
Here is a link to tonight’s first game!

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Congratulations VZo on the win in tonight Omaha Hi/Lo game
Johan in 3rd and Zarkon in 4th Groose in 5th well played everyone!
Here is the top 10

Rank Player Points Chips
1 @VZo 25,423 191,475
2 Rain 17,977 106,375
3 @Kondrad 14,678 74,462
4 @Zarcon411 12,712 53,187
5 @Groose 11,370
6 @gunslinger13 10,379
7 @BoringAL 9,609
8 @jobe2010 8,989
9 @RavenL 8,475
10 @MrFish68 8,040

Our second Saturday game tonight is called
“Odin’s Army” 20k entry!
No Limit Holdem at 9pm EST.
Here is a shortcut link to tonight’s game.

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Round 2, 29 warriors on a steamy June night. Cards were flying, chips being shoved, cheers and groans filling the night as chip stacks rose and fell. In the end the two players who have no fear to get it all in faced off in a massive final heads up. @donkbusta444 and @FastMama knocked out more players than we could count (raise my hand Boddie got me), @dreamer2023 picked his spots to make it to third and @Nicasurf was cool as the other side of the pillow surfing through to take 4th. A spirited and very fun final table in true Nordic Warrior style.
Congrats to Boddie for punching his ticket to the TOC. Unlimited Doritos :slight_smile:

Nordic Warriors LB 2024 Q2


Congratulations @donkbusta444 on the win! @southwestmba better shine your shoes and get your uniform ready, Bodie is looking at your holdem spot on the LB with wide eyes! and I seem to be dropping like a rock.


Congrats to the 3 winners at NW this past weekend. Snowman, Vzo, and donkbusta444!!
You are all awesome players!!


Happy Birthday @Sue13 ! Sorry I’m late just saw this.

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Congrats @southwestmba

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@southwestmba Happy Birth day sorry I’m late just saw this.


Thank u bro… Mama had a huge chip lead on me and I knew if I had a chance I was gonna have 2 b real real patient .That was a tough win! all played great poker!


@_Rain tyvm bro! It was a real tough win Mama was Rollin! I will try and catch Mba…but I make no promises :rofl: :metal:


@Sue13 Tyvm !


Nordic Warriors Private league friends!
The Omaha Hi/Lo Medieval Matrix 20k. is Tonight!
Set your alarm!
No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Game Tonight at 9pm EST
Here is a shortcut link to tonight’s game!

30 fantastic players tonight!
Longest heads up in the history of mankind Chris and corn went at it for over 40 min, What a battle and a great game by all.
Congratulations on the win Chris and securing your entry to the tournament of champions.
Here is the top 10 from tonight’s Omaha Hi Lo game

Rank Player Points Chips
1 @tjmcfarland 29,035 222,000
2 @cornfield1128 20,531 133,200
3 @gunslinger13 16,764 88,800
4 @jryoungman 14,518 66,600
5 @BoringAL 12,985 44,400
6 @just_if_eyed 11,854
7 @tinboat 10,975
8 @Excaliburns 10,266
9 @Groose 9,679
10 @RavenL 9,182

Awesome would be an understatement to describe that heads up battle.

No doubt both players raised the bar to new heights.

You could say they also went that extra mile.

It’s daunting, even for a Nordic Warrior champion to witness that level of play.

Congratulations to you both!



Dear Warriors, I have added you to the “Leagues Invitational” league, this is where we will play our Tournament of Champion, High roller, and special added events. Compete against other leagues etc.
Games will launch in just a couple weeks.

I am thrilled to present to you an exciting venture, it’s not just a league; it’s a league for all leagues. Imagine a place where the essence of our individual leagues is preserved, yet we come together to create something extraordinary—a community that thrives on diversity and shared passion for the game.
Introducing the Replay “Leagues Invitational”: a platform designed to host specialty games for leagues that wish to maintain their internal games while also participating in larger, community-building events.
Here’s what the Replay Collaborative League offers:
• Bi-monthly Games: Regularly scheduled games twice a month, open to all members.
• Specialty Games: Custom games added upon request to cater to the unique flair of each league.
• Tournament of Champions: A prestigious event to crown the ultimate champion among us.
• High Roller Events: For those who seek the thrill of high stakes and higher rewards.
• Multi-League Gatherings: Uniting for causes that matter, whether for charity or raising awareness. League against league games.
• Innovative Fun: An open platform for any creative event you believe will bring joy to our community.
This is more than just a series of games; it’s a movement to unite poker leagues under a banner of camaraderie and mutual growth.
If you share this vision of bringing leagues together for the love of the game and the spirit of community, please join us. Let’s shuffle up and deal a hand that could change the poker landscape forever.
You can join this league by contacting me, Rain send a friend request and I will add you.
Find the league lobby here
Link to forum here Leagues Invitational

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:black_joker: Attention Nordic Warriors League Players :black_joker:

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Valiant Competitors!

As we’ve navigated through the twists and turns of this quarter’s league games, your unwavering spirit has truly embodied the essence of the Nordic Warriors. Your participation has not only made each game a thrilling battle of wits but has also strengthened the bonds within our community of poker aficionados.

As we draw near to the quarter’s end, we wish to remind all warriors that June 22nd will be our final clash for points this quarter. It’s been an exhilarating ride, and we eagerly anticipate crowning the champions of this quarter.

But hold your horses! The saga continues with the Tournament of Champions, an elite showdown reserved for the crème de la crème. This illustrious invitation only event will take place in the Leagues Invitational League on June 28th.

So, hone your strategies, perfect your bluff, and gear up for a grand finale that promises to be nothing short of legendary.

Best of luck, and may the mightiest warrior prevail!

:trophy: Mark Your Calendars:

  • Final Game of the Quarter: June 22nd
  • Tournament of Champions: June 29th

Michael, Andy


All usually scheduled games will continue, last week of quarter games will not count for points. Quarter 3 2024 points will begin with first game on 7/2/2024

Michael and Andy…Thank U!!! For running a awesome league.U guys are awesome and all the members are all awesome . Thank u for inviting me 2 this cool league.


Every time I see you at the table, I know we are going to have a great time, and thank you Bodie for all the great players you have brought into this league.