Nordic Warriors League

Welcome to the Nordic Warriors Poker League!
You can join the league by contacting me Rain here or by friending me on Replay and sending a message.
Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of poker and join a groundbreaking tough league designed for both No Limit Hold’em and No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo players alike. Founded by Rain, the Nordic Warriors Poker League brings you an exciting fusion of strategy, camaraderie, and competition.
Our league plays two of the most popular poker variants:20k NL Hold’em and 20k NL Omaha Hi/Lo.
What sets us apart is the higher stakes entry tough poker environment we’re creating. Poker is more than just a card game; it’s a battle of wits, psychology, and skill.
Our league is much like an MTT, offering prize chips that add an extra layer of excitement to every hand.
The league uses a leader board to track the points you make each game, then takes your best 9 scores to determine the winner of each 3 month quarter.
If you’re an up-and-coming player or a seasoned pro seeking a new challenge, the Nordic Warriors Poker League welcomes you. Stay tuned for updates, league progression, and exhilarating poker action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here is the schedule.

Tuesday -20k NL Omaha Hi/Lo at 9pm EDT
Friday - 20k NL Hold’em 9pm EDT
Saturday - 20k NL Hold’em PKO 6:30 EDT
Saturday - 20k NL Hold’em 9pm EDT

Here are links where you can find everything Nordic Warriors.

Nordic Warriors games Lobby
Nordic Warriors Leaderboard 2024
Nordic Warriors Forum Link

There is also a Nordic Warriors Skype chat where we have fun and chat, if you would like to join this link will take you right in.
Nordic Warriors Skype Chat link

Join us! You will make friends and have a good time with all the people in this great league.


Contact by friending me @_Rain if you are interest in playing in this fantastic new league. games begin this week!

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First game scheduled for August 31 at 9pm EST, send me a friend request @_Rain if you would like to be a part of this new league. We will be playing individually until enough like-minded players join, then we will form teams, I have a leader board in place and will post results here thanks to @_snowman come join the fun!


Please add me to this new league looks like worth a try :slight_smile:

p.s The game is scheduled for 9pm est not 6pm (Copied from League page below)


NL Hold’em

Today, 9:00pm




Sorry my mistake 9pm New York time

great game all congrats to @Goatsoup for winning first game

The leader board is viewable here
Nordic Warriors League Leader board

All are welcome to play in my new league, the Nordic Warriors, games are at 9pm New York time. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we play alternating Holdem and next night Omaha split, 20k entry, just let me know here on the forum or send me a friend request and I will add you to the league, there is no pressure, play when you can. The League is individual play for points and standard replay payout depending on number of players.
Game tonight!!

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Congrats to Norris for the win tonight and Gramps for taking top spot!

New Link to Leader Board here
Nordic Warriors Leader Board

New Leader Board here
Nordic Warriors Leader Board

Holdem game tonight at 9pm USA EST!
Come on in, water is fine
MTT Lobby - Saturday - 18,500 + 1,500 chips - NL Holdem (

What a fantastic game tonight thanks to you all for coming!
here is the leaderboard.

Tonight’s game prizes winners were @Nebulos @mafus and @Goatsoup but as you can see
@jdawg09, @Dreamer2023, @duckwheel, @donkbuster444, @SharonSmarty, and @Weedwoman420 all made final table with an impressive performance.
everyone had a great time.
Here is the player list for tonight’s game.
Thank you all again!

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Tonight’s Nordic Warriors Omaha hi/lo game will start at 9pm EST please join if you can.
In the coming week, with Robs help, we are going to change the schedule. There will be two NL Holdem games played per week, one on Friday the other on Saturday, these games will be 20k entry and start at 9pm EST. It will stay individual scoring and prizes for now.
We are also going to add a Tuesday game of Omaha hi/lo at 9pm EST for those that would like to play.
There will be a leader board for Holdem, one for Omaha hi/lo and an overall leader board for combined scores posted in the Nordic Warriors Forum.
Please let your friends know that all are welcome to this league, send me their name if they want to join, or have them send me a friend request and I will add them to the league.
Thank you all for helping us build this league.


Great game everyone here is the updated combined leaderboard

Here is the updated Holdem leaderboard

Here is the updated Omaha Hi/Lo leaderboard

Congrats to @_snowman for winning tonight’s Omaha Hi/Lo game @Sue13 for second and @harley5709 for third,
Players finish positions

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Was a fun time with friends. Thanks for the invite. Congrats Snowman. Next time I bring the hairdryer. lol


After talking with players and other league owners, we have adjusted the game schedule. This will allow all players from other leagues to have a game to play with friends if they like without overlap.

New Schedule is in place,

Tuesday-– NL Omaha hi/lo at 9pm EST

Friday—NL Holdem 9pm EST

Saturday—NL Holdem 9pm EST

I hope you all can make it


Sounds like fun and at a time I can actually play. Sent you a friend request.

Absolutely, I will add you to the league and send you the info via Replay chat, glad to have you aboard.!

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