Add high buy-in omaha tables/tournaments

I think that Replaypoker should have Omaha tournament tables and tournaments that need more money than 10 000 for non gold members.

My real RP accounts name is Kokkeli

Hi Jonas. Thank you for taking the time to share this idea. We have alot of new tables coming soon, so just wait and you shall receive. Regards

Replay Support

love Omaha; please consider Hi-Lo games too.

All the tables and tournaments are being reviewed and updated. Last week was the turn of the multis, this week the sit & gos, and next week the ring games. So we’ll be adding all the high buy-ins shortly.

Great idea! Can you add it as a separate idea so that other players can vote on it?

I agree are there any hi-low games??

Not at the moment, but it’s on our to-do list!