August Marathon Week 2

I’m a bit confused looking at the Lobby.


The August Marathon tournaments are No Limit Hold’Em, but it states in the Tournament info that it’s Omaha Hi/Lo rules. Which is it?

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I played such a mixed game and there was Texas Hold’em on all hands until my end on place 21.

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Hi @BeerEagle69, thanks for spotting that.

All the games have/had the omaha hi/lo rules, but the scheduled hold’em games played out as hold’em. I removed the link to the omaha hi/lo rules in all but the hold’em game which is registering in the Lobby right now.



Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t sure about registering and wasting a ticket if it was somehow Hi/Lo instead of Hold’Em.


Guess I owe you @BeerEagle69 and @Chasetheriver a beer lol, Omaha hi/lo @7:15 pm was fun & finished 5th

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