No Hold'em on Halloween Marathon week 2?

I miss the Hold’em MTTs for tomorrow on Lobby. The first 3 Omaha MTTs on Halloween Week 2 tomorrow was to see hours ago. The first Hold’em MTT would start in < 10 hours, the registration for it in < 4 hours. Its late.


Hi @Poki65 , I am assuming the issue is you cant register earlier, is that correct? Or is it the first tourney starts too late for your time zone?

What i see now is this:

German time zone, eastern time + 6h.
The 4x Omaha Week 2 on Monday are to see, the 4x Hold’em not. The first Hold’em start in 6.5 hours, the registering for it in 30 min, but no Hold’em to see. I can filter what i want and cant find a Halloween Hold’em. I played the marathons in June and August too, not all new for me.
I’m sure there goes something wrong, and hope Replay can do something.

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Understand your problem. I’m sure it is very difficult for Replay to have the exact tourneys, we all want to play at the time we want to play them around the world.


As of right now the only Game 2 games I show one Hold’em and the rest are Omaha H/L. I’m PT. So, the schedule shows 8 games to be played but my screen shows only 5 games.


I hope this helps.

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Hi Replay Poker,

Seems like the 05:15 and 11:15 NL Holdem Halloween Marathon Week 2 Satellite are missing today.

On Tuesday are now 2 MTTs at same time. This is wrong too.

The next MTT starts in < 90 minutes, and i want to play there, but it is not on lobby.

Monday, October 23rd, through Saturday, October 28th

advertised times ET: 02:15 / 05:15 / 08:15 / 11:15 / 14:15 / 17:15 / 20:15/ 23:15
today 10/23/2023 Monday 1:28am pst: I see only 2 listed 8:15 & 11:15 where are the rest?

or am I missing some info?

Not only are the 2nd Week Marathon games missing, so are all the normal freeroll games.

Hopefully a tech can fix this in not so distant future ahead.



Mehr sehe ich auch nicht.

Es ist etwas schwierig an einem Turnier teilzunehmen, wenn man sich nicht anmelden kann.

vlg Andre
Translate: I don’t see anything else either.

It’s a bit difficult to participate in a tournament if you can’t register.

see Andre

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I don’t see any Daily Freerolls either, only Community and Rookie ones. But not the regular Freerolls, Omaha and Hold’em.


I now see the Hold’Em Daily Freerolls in the lobby, but not Omaha ones OR the Haloween Marathon tournaments.

The Halloween MTTs are now all on lobby. I saw it in last minute and came in the late registration to my MTT. 2. Finalticket now, but bubbled, 13. of 10 paid.
It looks like my thread helped.


I had to check the Ticket filter on my Lobby page, now I see the Week 2 tournaments.

I don’t understand what’s going on with the marathon ticket. in the lobby it says 10k ticket for Halloween tourny but on my bank page it says i have a ticket but i don’t know how or where to use it? lol it is for marathon week 2…sorry i’m so idumb about this;)

Did you win any tickets in the first Haloween Marathon week? (Last week). Top 27 finish in those tournaments would give you a ticket minimum.

If you have, then you can enter this week’s Marathon tournaments, you have the choice of using Ticket or 10.000 Chips when registering I believe.

yes i did as a matter of fact…ty

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No problem.