No limit omaha

I would like to request a no limit omaha tourny because all the omaha tournaments are either fixed limit and or pot limit i feel this way it would be better

Thanks for the suggestion the_beardsley. I’ll forward your request to the scheduling team now.

Oke, i’ve changed the Omaha Tour If i was a Rich Man from PL to NL. Have fun:)

Greetings Happiness.

Oke will see if that work

If I Was A Rich Man should stay PL. Add another tourney or put a NL Ohama in the new Wed freeroll rotation.

ONE (just 1) person wanted NL omaha and you make an instant change??? Who made you Queen? Do you play Omaha? If you go to a Casino, what kind of Omaha are you likely to play?

It isn’t NL.

Nice RASH decision (NOT)

Lets talk about why PL is better then NL Omaha. Support is to share idea’s and to make all idea’s better.

PokerUnc please respect everyone on this forum She does everything in good consultation with other moderator from the schedule team. So if 1 think NL-Omaha is beter than PL we can try that If u think PL or FL is beter U can also make ur points clear to us.

thanks for your support on my idea,but that dosen’t matter anymore dose it? this will be my first and last suggestion on this site thanks to pummelr and marcipan shoot even happiness. i gave you alot of my money to buy play chips and i get banned from this site i will suggest one thing make sure your moderators are here for everyone and dont play favorites and make sure they are real people cause they all stick up for each other no matter what and thats not a good thing… thought they were here to help lol yeah right

I don’t think she consulted at all on this one. It was a RUSH decision!!!

There are many players and lots of opinions and request. We want to make Replay a place to relax, play serious and have fun for every player.

Omaha is a great kind of poker. It is worth to make it more populair on Replay. We have only 3 daily Omaha tournaments and all 3 were Pot Limit. Not every player likes the Limit games. Therefor i changed 1 tour in No Limit. Nothing wrong with that.

Perhaps it was not so handy to change a populair existing tournament. I admit.

I also have taken your opinion seriously and have looked what we can do to make Omaha more populair.

We have now the Freeroll once per 4 weeks. We keep that No Limit.

I saved a time for the 4th daily Omaha Tournament (i hope we can create that tournament after the next Omaha Freeroll) and we have plans for a bigger weekly Omaha Tournament. The 4th tournament will be Pot Limit.

With too many tournaments there will be too less players in a tournament. The site is growing, with more players there will be space for it.

Now every saterday the Omaha (PL) Challange 50k. The tour start at UTC 22.30.

Good luck and have fun. Greetings Punisher and Happiness.

Is it possible to schedule more Omaha Tournaments? A Horse Tournament would be fun, too.

Thanks QTip

Hi Qtip.

At the moment ReplayPoker runs 3 daily Omaha tourney’s, 1 monthly freeroll, 1 Omaha weekly tourney and 1 Omaha tourney running 3 times a week. The last one we added a few weeks ago.

I know you play that tour often and also i see Omaha tourney’s attrects more players lately.

For now there is not much space (especially in the peak hours) to add another daily Omaha tourney. We want not spread the players to much by planning to many tournaments on the same time.

ReplayPoker can not offer HORSE tourney’s, but we planned to create and add mixed Holdem / Omaha (Royal) tournaments. As soon as the tech-team have time (they are working hard to finish the new site now) they create the option for us.

If we have the possibility to create Mixed Tourney’s we add two daily Mixed Holdem / Omaha / (Royal) . And then we (the schedule team) can see if we can do some more changes at the same time.

How would a mixed tourney work? I have never come across them before?

We added a new daily Omaha Tourney. Every day runs the Omaha Match 2500 on ET 23.30

Also the Omaha Battle 15000 runs every day now on ET 18.30

The Weekly Omaha Challenge 50000 starts on Saterday on ET 20.30

Have fun and good luck:)