The Winter Games!

Today all is on their focus :slight_smile: Thats is fun but tuff!! This is so fun even if i am not so good yet,its a long Tourny!! So fun it is!! Sad part i can only play on the evening! Have to say wow,tuff to day,i did pretty good,i won chips :slight_smile: Wow you guys is focused today!! My goel is to get oen Medal,I know MR Goat will get the most,stunning player and other goel is to get to the final tabel,learning evry day this beautiful game!! This is fun!! Longing for the Team challenge!!


great attitude. u are really euphoric. thumbs up and lots of success. by the way…u deserve a medal for your joy


I cant find todays 11am omaha biathlon

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The biathlon completed yesterday, and today’s challenge is Big Air!

You can compete for this by participating in 2.5k entry 7 Card Stud SnGs. Check the link for more info. :slight_smile:

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los SnG de royal 2.500 fichas no estan disponibles

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Hope they will correct it soon,had looking forward to the game

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@fizzymint what is todays challenge I am waiting for a cozy Alpine Ski to the top of the leaderboard - but in the mealtime guess you got to smile

  1. What do you call a Fish without an Eye ?

Also I heard that they are going to stop handing out medals at the Winter Olympics… Because they’re snow winners.


Has anyone found the Alpine Skiing SNG Royal? I, for some reason, cannot find it.

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no los han puesto


No , can,t find it myself,

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can’t find it too, sent a mail hours ago, no answer yet…


1 hour before the promo started i contacted support with a different issue and mentioned on another thread the below

@fizzymint lets hope there are no issues at the weekends as there is no support - maybe replay should only run promotions Mon-Fri ?

Hi TiggyTime,

We just got your message. Thanks for contacting us!

Our Support Team is currently unavailable for the weekend. You should receive a response on Monday, February 21st.

and then 1 hour later we have issues, which is fine it happens but can you imagine if we all decide not to play at the weekends. 7 days a week is now 5 days week for support again this is fine if no issues in one of Replays major promotions.


I logged in at approx. 12:05am and in Blue was the sign in for this game … I clicked to make it one of my favorites for the day then I tried to sign up for the game … I received a message “Registration is now closed” when I refreshed the page it disappeared never to return … I have a conspiracy theory that is maybe happened to stop The Goat :goat: from winning another Gold medal … I apologize to everyone if this is the case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Best of luck during the rest of the games and may the Best :goat: win :slight_smile:

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They are up and running as of 3:45pm best of luck all

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Hi, This ones on me. The alpine skiing was late starting because I managed to not only set the wrong start time but I also missed the error when I checked it (multiple times) Checking ones own work is risky, and this is why.

Going forward, todays event is Best 7 SnG and I hope 9 hours is sufficient for everyone to get their games in.




Can be 8 hours are enough to play the 7 SNGs, but not all peoples read this in right time and can play in this much shorter time. I think it would be better / must be!!! to delete this event and move it to other date.
The link to the games was not ok too, showed nothing, hours after real start too!

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Poki65, you are right, some players couldn’t play…what the sence of such a competition…let’s hope today will be fine…gl to all…have a nice weekend…

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One of the greatest assets a person can have is an acknowledged mistake (s) apologize for it, fix the mistake and move forward , rinse , repeat….

Bravo Rob :clap:t2:


Yes, it is good to find own mistakes, and to make it better. But to make this too late does not help.

I had many luck to find this threat here, but it was 5 hours before end of playing, at 1:00 am German time, and I was not ready to play. Too late. And the link to the tables showed nothing at this time. Not all bugs was fixed, not all tested.

Because this bugs day 6 was without the two German Medal winners, and without many others. Only 28 Players played the needed 7 SNGs, ca. 50 played only one. The end-results are now not ok.

I can not find the words >sorry< or >please excuse me<, I can only read <8 hours instead of 24 must now be enough. This is not good after making peoples problems.

I can not say Bravo.

I think, the only way to make it better, fix the mistakes, is to delete and repeat this event.

And I like to play Royal and was on Musical Thrones 2022 the 5 played days at Top 4.

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Have a little faith! You are not the only one affected but absolutely the Gold Medal winner in complaining. Replay will make it right. True champions take adversity in stride…