Leagues Invitational

I am thrilled to present to you an exciting venture, it’s not just a league; it’s a league for all leagues. Imagine a place where the essence of our individual leagues is preserved, yet we come together to create something extraordinary—a community that thrives on diversity and shared passion for the game.

Introducing the Replay Leagues Invitational: a platform designed to host specialty games for leagues that wish to maintain their internal games while also participating in larger, community-building events.

Here’s what the Replay Collaborative League offers:

  • Bi-monthly Games: Regularly scheduled games twice a month, open to all members.
  • Specialty Games: Custom games added upon request to cater to the unique flair of each league.
  • Tournament of Champions: A prestigious event to crown the ultimate champion among us.
  • High Roller Events: For those who seek the thrill of high stakes and higher rewards.
  • Multi-League Gatherings: Uniting for causes that matter, whether for charity or raising awareness. League against league games.
  • Innovative Fun: An open platform for any creative event you believe will bring joy to our community.

This is more than just a series of games; it’s a movement to unite poker leagues under a banner of camaraderie and mutual growth.

If you share this vision of bringing leagues together for the love of the game and the spirit of community, please join us. Let’s shuffle up and deal a hand that could change the poker landscape forever.

You can join this league by contacting me, @_Rain send a friend request and I will add you.

Find the Leagues Invitational lobby here https://www.replaypoker.com/leagues/77


I wish you the best with your attempt to bring all the players together to enjoy the game as well as make new friends. Sounds exciting, and all for good causes. See you all there. Let’s have fun.


Sounds like fun , more players , more notes…lol


I am in…But nothing in the Invitational yet…


You , Deb and Dawn have all been added as members !


Good luck t u bro!! I’m there!


The first games that will be on constant rotation will begin in couple weeks, first Sunday and last Sunday of each month, they are not set in stone, I needed to schedule something to get us going.
We and by we I mean all of us have a couple weeks to add fun games for next month. I have a few in mind.
Each organizer that comes on board will be able to design games for their league, specialty games and league against league games.
This forum will be an open discussion place for players, captains and organizers to suggest what kind of a game they would like to see played.
Games that will happen may look like these:
1- League mashups where a league that plays teams, will have a game where all the players play as individuals against even their own teammates, a mash-up.
2- League against league games where you just pick what league you want to represent and put on that shirt, in an all-leagues invitational. All in fun, play for one league one month play for another the next month.
3- All leagues invitational can be done a couple ways, one we have no limit on players, two we have a sign-up sheet, and we limit how many from each league. I would leave the first one open to all comers and just see how it goes. Modify the next month if needed
4- This league will also host invitation only TOCs and player appreciation games and events that organizers want just for their league, for that we submit a list of names, those games will allow organizers to keep their league schedules, leader boards uninterrupted and provide a fun game for their players.
5- I will be adding some high roller Holdem /Omaha events, I have had a lot of requests for tossing one of these in there. this game will be open to all.
6- If you have an awareness or want to bring to light a cause, even a special day, memorials for our fallen players, those can be hosted here as well.
7- If one team from any league, just wants to play against their teammates in a king of the hill game, you submit the names to me or one of the other organizers and we will make it happen for you.
8- All teams from all league’s invitational, where it’s everybody for themselves, we hob knob, chat, smack talk, form friendships, collaborations, lift all leagues while seeing who rises to the top and takes all the cookies.

The beauty of it all, is there is no limit to what you can come up with, if replay offers it, with enough lead time we will make it happen, so put your thinking cap on, talk to your friends, captains, organizers and let us know.
I eventually will build a form where you can just check the boxes of what you want and submit.


I am interested…


This sounds great!!!


hi hi michael!! this very exciting endeavour… should be great fun
thank you for including me


I want to be clear of the origin of this league, @southwestmba sent me a message with an idea about getting a couple of leagues playing together in a promotional game for fun, I said that’s kind of difficult, each organizer would have to add all the players from the other league to their roster, and vice versa, depending on where the game was played. That would create some communication barriers time slot barriers and notification barriers. I said the only way we could make that happen is if we formed a whole new league and right now my plate was full. The idea was put to rest for a few weeks. Then I started obsessing in my brain on how I could make Andy’s idea come to fruition. I spoke with my mentor @_snowman multiple times about ideas, I ran the idea by @SharonSmarty and she came onboard, then @Weedwoman420 .
Right now, we have Dream Weaver, WILDHORSES and Nordic Warriors in, other leagues may join, after the word spreads how much fun the games are, I don’t know. Some will not join because of me, I say things people don’t want to hear and I have made mistakes while trying to navigate this world of private league play. I am too old to change and probably will make some more mistakes. What I do know is we will make some fun games, and host events. This will not be a league that tries to add too much to your plate of games, but more of a place to host some fun as it comes up.


Was ist mit der EARLY BIRD LEAGUE
Ich geh davon aus WIR steigen ein :wink:

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Ich warte auf eine Antwort, Jobe, ich werde alle Ligen bekannt geben, die beitreten, sobald sie an Bord sind

A major factor that I have to consider is the time that the games are played. Since it appears that you are not going to limit the number of players, the length of the games will probably run over 2 hours (unless a player is eliminated early). For me, the optimal start time would be between 6:30 & 8:00pm ET. I like the idea of a game finishing within 2 hours or less. I’m waiting for some details because it almost sounds like it is a combination of everything for everyone. I’ll be waiting for more details.

There will be different games at different times, not all games are for everybody, some will be private with a password needed to enter, some will have players assigned by Replay i.e. TOCs for different leagues, some will be open to all players. I will keep you in the loop right here as to what is coming up and who its for.

Based on what you are saying, it sounds like there will not be a commitment required like some of the other leagues which have a limited roster and a fixed schedule. That seems attractive to me.

I proposed to Replay the “Short Deck” option. It didn’t seem like it was well received but it is a more Mainstream Game, similar to the Royal but it had more cards. In Short Deck only the cards from 2 & 5 are removed. You can still get a baby straight with A-6-7-8-9. Naturally the scoring is changed because the different cards change up the win frequency making the hierarchy such that a Flush beats a full house and Three of a kind beats a straight. I think these kinds of details make it difficult to add new games to the Replay repertoire. In addition to that game, were you thinking of adding several types of “Draw” and even some more FL & PL games. If so, would Replay be able to accommodation them with their current software? I like the idea of expanding game variations but as a programmer in my earlier days, I know that making those types of adjustments can difficult based on how flexible the original software design is. Keep us posted.

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In jeder Liga sollte es einen Ratz geben, Jobe. Alles Gute, mein Freund.

Dear Warriors
You have won a seat in the Nordic Warriors Winner Take All Tournament of Champion 2,000,000 added prize.
There is no entry fee, and you will be signed up automatically by replay staff from a list I submitted.
The TOC WTA will be played on June 28 at 8PM EST in the Leagues Invitational league

Here is a link to the game

Here is a link to the Leagues Invitational lobby

If for any reason you are unable to play in the NW TOC WTA let me know and I will have your name removed.
Thank you

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Dear WILDHORSES members,

You have won a seat in the WILDHORSES Winner Take All Tournament of Champion 2,000,000 added prize. Tournament of Champions, there is no entry fee, and you will be signed up automatically by replay staff from a list I submitted.
The TOC WTA will be played on June 29 at 10AM EST in the Leagues Invitational league
Here is a link to the game


Here is a link to the Leagues Invitational lobby


If for any reason you are unable to play in the NW TOC WTA let me know and I will have your name removed.
Thank you
Michael, Whit, Norris

@_Rain I have talked 2 every player…We all want pizza! tyvm…