Private Friends Tables?

Hey guys, I haven’t played Replay in over a year, and a big reason why I stopped was because my online friends wanted to play poker with us, and besides using Table Top Simulator or some other horrible games on Steam, I suggested Reply because I love this site. They all signed up, and we soon realized there was no way to make a private table.

The scramble to find a public table that was empty, and to have all 6 of us join before someone else took a seat was an awful experience. It took us 15minutes to finally get our own table.

I’ve searched the forums and multiple people have asked about this back in 2015, and the response was “it’s on the roadmap”

So, is this feature implemented yet? If not, what’s the timetable?

Thank you

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I like that idea, I’ll certainly bring it up at the next meeting if it isn’t already in the pipeline. :wink:

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I believe it is still in the pipeline, like other things on the wish list, but the move to HTML has priority. In the meantime, have you considered setting up a private league for you and your mates?


What do you mean a league? Is that a new feature?

I have a League on here ( Poker Amusement ) for just friends … we enjoy it . Go to the dropdown beside your pic and click on Leagues also go to Leagues and discussions here on the forum page to find out info

Have a look at the link for more info.

Or you and your friends could form a “Team” and play in the the Totally Partisan Poker League on Replay, we’d love a new team to join our little group.

I’m still a bit confused how leagues work. I see a starting date and time. Is this a single event that occurs on one day? Does it run like a normal tournament?

You can have one game a day or 7 a week and runs like a normal MTT except with just friends. Message replay about more details , they are very helpful and will fill you in how how to set one up. You can go to Leagues in the dropdown beside your pic and then click on Leagues , once there you will see the Leagues set up here on Replay … click on Poker Amusement ( my League ) to see how it looks set up.’
Go to Leagues Discussions on the forum lobby then go to League Policies & Rules… for all the info

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JakeWolfe, Sharon has a great group with her league and I think she can help guide you to forming the friends table you’re looking for. Unfortunately, I wind up missing 95% of Sharon’s league …not because I don’t want to play, but I’m a work-a-holic without a recovery program. Or another way I look at it is as much as I like to play poker, a fat boy’s gotta eat and if I don’t work, I don’t eat.

you could all sign up at a 9 player table and tell bad jokes until the other people left…

Well, I found an acceptalbe way to post my idea…after three tries…:slight_smile: