Anyone interested in a league like this?

I’m thinking about putting a league together but would 1st like to see how many might be interested.
It would be 2500 chip buy-ins, PL (or maybe ML) holdem where all winnings hands must show.
I don’t need to hear how/why you may think it’s a bad idea…just those that might be interested plz :wink:


Depending on times & days I would be!

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If there’s enough interest that would be my next question…what is your time preference.

you are all ready in one lol, and yes I do like the Idea !!

have we met ?

GrandyB…2-3 hours before American would be a good time!!!
harley57…No, I don’t believe we have.

Oh crap, I just realized I would have to leave the Poker Amusement league if I joined another league… I’ve been warned before that I can only belong to 2 leagues at a time (and I definitely don’t want to leave Rounders).
It’s just that 4PM ET is usually a little too early for me…and it ain’t pot limit.
It looks like this post isn’t going to generate enough interest anyway…I would think we would need at least 10 players interested.

I would be interested except for the same reason GrandyB stated. Great idea!

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Does anyone know why we can’t join more than 2?
I’m sure there’s a good reason but I just can’t figure out what it is.

Maybe the concern that all our time would be spent in leagues and not at regular tables? That’s just one possibility… We all seem to like each other, so it WOULD be tempting to just hang out with each other! lol


That would make sense…so maybe the rule is only for volunteers?

Nope same rule for me .

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I think there should be several different Games where “every” winning hand is revealed for All to see.

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I agree , which is why I have a League with the no mucking rule.

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I love your league SS…that’s why I chose to leave the other one.


Thanks Grandy… I would join your League but already in 2… sorry the time isn’t that good for you .

To clarify this, if you look in the league discussion thread there is a list of rules concerning league membership and etiquette. This is an extract…

Membership ​C​riteria

Replay poker accounts may request membership of the League through the ​P​rimary League Member, usually by sending a Friend request through the game client​.​
A League is Free to Play with the only requirements to participate being memberships and adequate Play Chips to enter an event.
Acceptance of an account as a League member will be at the discretion of the Primary Member.
Players are only permitted to be members of two concurrent Leagues.
Each League will have a maximum of 100 members.

As I mentioned Kate, I understand this is the rule but I’m hoping for the reason as to why it’s a rule.
I feel sure there is a reason, I’m just curious as to what the reason is. :grin:

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Now I’ll make another guess (probably equally incorrect): The regular tables might lose their players if everyone just joined leagues. Could be a problem when someone just drops in and wants to find a table.