The Pleasures of Playing in a League

In the drop down menu in the lobby of the Replay Poker Page, you can click on “Leagues” and see a list of almost 30 separate leagues. I’m a member of two of those leagues and find as the years go by that these games are some of my favorites–for a variety of reasons.

But enough about me! What about you? If you’re in a league, what do you like about it? If you’re not in a league, are there questions you’d like to ask of those who are?

Let’s talk.


Leagues are great , I run 2 and am in 4 , love playing with the same groups of players , fun chat and banter . Jan is in one league with me and we have fun and laughs every night.


Agree with both of you; I am in several leagues, 2 of which are Sharon’s.
I love the friends made, the banter, & competition as we play these leagues several times during the week.


I remember a time long ago when Sharon and I started the only private league here on Replay besides the Staff league. It was awesome!!! The friends, the laughter, no one actually cared who won because just the banter alone made us all winners. Sharon went on to form her own successful league which I congratulate her and I went on to form my own live poker room.

Good times for sure. Times I will always remember and cherish. XX


I would love to join a league ,am currently in South Africa


So, Yorkshire, I’ll send you a friend request so I can message you about your options. Hope to see you in a league that works in your time zone.


League play is Fun ! I play in 3 of them, and enjoy all of them , You get all kinds of players there, some good , some not so much they just seem to want to win every game, no matter what. Winning is Great but not the only reason to play.

                               Best Regards, Zacor

Thank you Jan

See you soonest


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