Fun poker

Some people play poker for fun. Others play it to feel important and have a sense of self-worth based on their ranking. It would be nice if RP could separate the two somehow.



I play Poker mostly for fun of it though I have played in a few higher stake games here on Replay with higher buy in’s and generally the players in those games play and take the game more seriously.

Same goes when you run more deeply into tournaments. Players seem to play more seriously.

i play it to have something to do while driving… gets boring if i don’t have a game going

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I do separate it by myself, i play for fun in rebuy tourneys and true poker on other tourneys ( i like 1M).

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I play poker for fun, but part of the fun is learning how to improve and trying to play well (it keeps my brain interested). Calling with any 2 cards or going all in every hand is as boring as playing the slot machines (which I would never do), so I don’t think it is useful to try to differentiate people “playing for fun” versus those who want to win. I almost always do something else while playing, but winning is still much more fun than losing. Increasing in rank is a fun part of the game, just like winning tournaments or chips.

I am playing for fun. Sometimes I like adrenaline play sometimes I am just invest small coins. Sometimes I am fish sometimes fisher. But everything is just for fun and I don’t care for reputation.

It’s all about a great community here, having fun, meeting new people, learning new strategies, playing the game we love and being a part of something bigger than us all.

I am not in favor of splitting the community in 2 separate mind sets.

How we measure success/self worth, either here or life in general is different for everyone.

Be happy…


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Totally agree with Craig - each game is an adventure: no two games are the same, and the more you play the greater the feeling of community spirit and fun. Happy pokering all :heart::sun_with_face:


You can have fun while trying to improve your ranking and game , so no need to separate the two.

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I don’t feel funny when some one call all in with 10 q and beat my AA and in big tourneys, but its fun in rebuy.

[quote=“Craig_Anthony, post:8, topic:6531”]
It’s all about a great community here,
[/quote]If thats true Craig, why not expand on the social aspect, like a much better chat system not on tables, better msg system too ( I can’t msg a “non-friend” WTF ) , or even things like buy’n the table drinks, with bankroll and have that displayed… Some may think, thats just cartoony, well yeah, but it does expand the social aspect…

another way to measure “community” is to watch… over time does the site sell what the community ask’s for ( spacely sprockets ), or does it ram ( cogswell cogs ) down thier throat anyway…

Hi Sarah.

Everything in life is a work in progress, If you want to move in a positive direction.

Good things to come. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

i like both.
i have a lot of fun in playing poker, but playing poker also means improving myself the best i can, which i enjoy.

Totally agree with Sharon on this,jazz up the games for a more social game for those of us that like the social aspect. I think buying someone a drink or a nice cuddly teddy bear would be nice.
Some emotes at the table would also be fun!
Stay safe abd GL at the tables!!


How could you possibly know this?

Some people think sunrise walks on the beach are fun, others think burning ants with a magnifying glass is fun. Being the one who gets to define the official meaning of “fun” sounds like a cool job, how did you get it? I want to be the person who defines “funky,” where do I apply?

I have a question I was playing to day with friends and at 3:15 it came across the chat 6-8 lines OF DO NOT FLOOD THE CHAT i DIDN’T KNOW WHY We were all having a great time no one else had do not flood the chat I thought that chat is for chat There was nothing wrong what i said it was a great table and we all try to get on a table as much as possible sammymorgan

That happens sometimes if you leave your finger on a key for too long… for example tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… would show as don’t flood the chat

Actually it would just fill the input box with yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
usually this happens when you linger too long on the [enter] key, if auto repeat
triggers, then it inputs mult lines of blank text into the table chatbox, thus the
“dont flood chat” warning…

my mistake