In-Home or Private Poker Games, Anyone?

I’m just curious: Do many of us here at Replay Poker participate (now or in the past) in a private in-person poker game, either at someone’s home or at a club? I’d love to hear about it. I’d like to start one with friends in my community when we’re all out and about again one day.


Yeah, I’ve played in several such games, one of which ran weekly for many years.

If you win too often, don’t be surprised if you get uninvited.

Don’t play for stakes that will hurt anyone. Good home games are social affairs, not a way to male money.

Get a nice set of chips and don’t put actual cash on the table. This helps keep things friendly.

My longest-running game rotated hosting duties. Play at my house this week, someone else’s the next, and so on. The host provided snacks and at least 2 sealed decks of cards, one red, the other blue (usually). Everyone brought their own beverages.

I would suggest you play ring format, not tournament style. It’s not much fun to bust out of a tourney early. Those who do are either bored, a distraction, or both.

If you approach it as a social event, you can have a lot of fun. If it’s fun, it will be easy to keep going. If it’s not fun, it will be hard.


To add to the above, I would suggest avoiding Omaha Hi/Lo - splitting pots is not fun, especially with multiple people all in.


Thanks for this thoughtful, thorough response. :slight_smile:

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I can see why that is wise advice, Bahia!


I’d love to play, I’ve been wanting to play a game like that with Beer & Sandwiches & Cigars!

Ever since I first saw it on The Movie The Odd Couple, Oscar Madison Is My Idol.

Either Walter Matthau or Jack Klugman on the TV series, They both Rock!

I finally did in reality in My late 20’s & it turned into a disaster because of Alcohol & Cheating!

Yet today I would love to it with Friends now who hopefully will control themselves better.

I have the Grey sweatshirt & Blue cap & Cigars & Beer if Someone brings the sandwiches!

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