New ReplayPoker Website (Launches in Beta!)

We’re super excited to unveil the brand new ReplayPoker website for beta testing! You can head over now and try it for yourself by clicking this link: <<<<<<<

This isn’t a demo website. So remember, if you win or lose play chips on the new website and then go back to the old website, you’re bank rolls will match.

The new website has a brand new look 'n feel and has been designed from the ground-up to provide a real-time gaming experience. Everything is updated live, so for example when a friends joins a ring game or a tourney, you’ll see it immediately in the dashboard or lobby.

We’ve added some completely new features like the friends leaderboard and statistics chart on the dashboard.

There are also various improvements to existing features, for example you can now sort and filter the lobby, and see all stake level games in one place. You can also browse your sent messages.

There are some known issues, for example multi-language isn’t fully working and the leagues aren’t yet supported, so don’t be surprised if something doesn’t quite work the way you expect it!

The new site does not replace the current flash game client with the new HTML5 one. Don’t worry though, this will come later!

The reason for making the new site available now is so that our regular players get a chance to play around with it, and give us some valuable feedback, so we can make any necessary changes before rolling the new site to everyone.

Therefore, please do share you comments, good and bad with us. Observations, bug reports, suggestion for improvements, anything you like. So, let’s get the conversation going…

Thanks! The ReplayPoker Team

I don’t see a way to separate Low, Medium and High stake ring games.

Awesome, thanks Paul…you guys are great

B17, we’re planning on dropping the distinction between the three levels altogether. The problem with breaking play between three separate lobbys was that when you don’t have a lot of tables or players, it spreads play too thinly. Plus if you’ve got the buy-in to play on a table, we don’t think we should stop you from playing on that table based on an arbitrary bank roll number. We also plan to replace the idea of progressing up the stake levels with a brand new leveling, ranking and achievements system; which will be a much better way of gauging player performance.

Thanks douglasmarks =) Be sure to tell us what you like AND dislike!

is this going to work on the i pad if not how far away are we from being able to play on the ipad

I understand Paul, however, I would still like to have the option to Isolate those tables much like you would isolate an Omaha 8 table if you had one.

I don’t see a spot for leagues on the new site.

In the activity log session balances are no longer colored (green for plus and red for minus) in the new version.

This way you can’t easily get a quick overview of your recent performance.

Earlier I only had to look at the list and if I saw a lot of green I knew I was doing something right. Making a full green activity log was a kind of flush to me…

There are some known issues, for example multi-language isn’t fully working and the leagues aren’t yet supported, so don’t be surprised if something doesn’t quite work the way you expect it!

Hiding empty tables is a very good idea!

This checkbox should be made sticky! (meaning that once checked it remains so for future logins).

The format of stack, stakes and pot sizes is difficult to read. Things like


are quite messy. You should add separating spaces. Kilo does not need to be a capital letter (the important information here is the number itself). A better readable format would be:

$ 9 k

or simply

9 k

The idea of ‘My Statistics’ chart in the Dashboard is great. However it seems to reflect the daily change in the bankroll rather than the absolute level of bankroll. If this is so it should be a bar chart with green bars for increases and red bars for decreases. A line representing a derivative which jumps back and forth looks like sawteeth - apart from not looking good has little information content.

It should look like this:

Even if I only click a certain player’s name at a table to see their statistics and then push the back button on the browser the status of the hiding empty tables checkbox is forgotten. This makes it difficult to browse tables and assess which table to sit at.

Makes sense, we’ll add a dropdown to pick stake level - then you can easily see just those stakes.

That’s right, but don’t worry, we’ll be adding it very shortly!

Hey Jmon, they game itself still uses flash so you won’t be able to play it on the iPad yet. But we should have a version that’s playable on the ipad in the next two months.

Good point, we’ll fix that by making them red and green again and we also need to give some TLC to this section, which isn’t quite as polished as the other sections. Leave it with us to fix.

This was on our to-do list! You’ll be able to set the filters up the way you like and we’ll set it up so it remembers these settings.

We’ll experiment with that watcha. One thing we will definitely do is right align the numbers, as you would do in a spreadsheet, that will help readability a lot.

I think you’re right watcha. That makes more sense to me, now that you’ve explained it. Do you think daily win/loss is more useful on the dashboard, or would you prefer to see overall bankroll for each day?