New ReplayPoker Website Officially Live

Get the full low down by checking out our blog announcement here:

As always, we welcome feedback from all players, so please share your likes, dislikes, any issues and suggestion for the new website on this topic…

Follow up the beta topic, the colors… why not have “official” color, but user can chose from like 5 other?

Where is community link?

We’ve called it ‘Forums’ - it’s next to the Chips button. Do you think ‘Community’ would be a more descriptive label? We used to call it ‘Feedback’ on the old site, but since people can ask questions, report issues and read updates, I think Forums or Community are better options.

It would be nice to personalize your experience with your own color scheme, but right now we’ve got a bunch of other updates, feature requests that we think will deliver players more value.

  • ReplayPoker Team

Note, that we’re aware that players using Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions maybe not get the optimal experience from the new site. Unfortunately these browsers are quite old now and aren’t designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies. We’ll be working on some optimization techniques to improve performance, but we strongly advise you to upgrade your browser to either Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or better still switch to Google Chrome, our recommended browser!

2 comments (1) the status of the tornament games don’t always update properly - sometimes a game is running and it still shows as registering on the list (2) after you close a table you can stll hear the noises of it running

This is so new - I am so old lol so it make take me longer to figure it all out

Would it help if I opened a twitter account in my better being able to follow?

This site is a little different - its live. Why not leave it as it is and call it Live forums.

I use google chrome and find it to be more reliable with the new version of Replay Poker. I agree with you. EXCITED !!! lol

These should both be fixed now, please let us know if you’re still having issues.

Hey susie, I’m not sure what you mean?

Awesome! :slight_smile:

She wonder if she open twitter acc, thets would a help for RP, like G+

I have read as many topics as I could. I log out and go to bed wondering if I am totally wrong or being helpful. Thank you Marcipan I do wonder if it would be a better way to follow. But after giving it a lot of thought I am not having problems following here at all. lol I am not one that is even wanting to be a tweeter. Now that I have spent so many hours following my question about opening a tweeter account was ignorant.

This past week has been a wonderful. I feel by reading, posting and encouragement I learned. lol you know what is said about teaching old dogs. I have never blogged. when someone has time could they please explain blogging to me?

Ahh I see, so I mean I wouldn’t recommend opening a twitter, facebook or google+ account just to follow us. The value in following us really comes from somebody who’s actively using these platforms, as there’s more chance their friends will see their interest in us and possibly sign up. It’s a viral thing.

If you want to get into blogging, perhaps it’s easiest to start with a twitter account as you’re limited to 140 characters per post (it’s a lot easier to write a small comment, than it is to write a whole page blog entry!). Check out one of the many beginner’s guides online like this one:

Got it lol - plus the members can see how hard all of you work to make ReplayPoker a fair and friendly site that cares about our thoughts and needs