Replay Poker Website Update

Hi, everyone – we have an exciting announcement! Replay Poker will be unveiling a new, fresher look in the coming months. :camera_flash: We want to give you a sneak peek so you can see what it looks like before it launches!

This is the start of some changes that we’ll be making for a few reasons:

  • We want to make our site more attractive to new players. The existing layout feels a bit outdated, and the new look will bring in some fresh faces at the tables.
  • Accessibility. We’ve heard from our existing players that the site could be easier to navigate. While everything will remain in the same places you’re used to, we’re making some text larger and easier to read.
  • Better functionality. This is a first step to seeing how our players interact with the new layout, and we’ll use that data and feedback to improve how you can find our various games and features. Many players, for instance, don’t know that our lobby exists! It will also help us create a better tutorial and ensure new players stick around longer.

Without further ado, take a look! :eyes:

You can click on the image to view a larger size.

This new design will only affect the website – it will not apply to the tables. (But we will be using your past feedback to make improvements there too!)

I’d love to get some feedback from you all to share with our design team – whether it’s about this new look, or how we can make the site easier for you to use. The more specific, the better! Thanks, folks! :smiley:


Does OLD people not like change on your radar? Clicked but wouldn’t enlarge.


The home page looks very busy and cluttered like a video game or slot machine but can’t comment on the functionality of it until it goes live. I’ve read “ new players “ and “ fresh faces “ a few times but let’s not forget the “ loyal players “ the made this site successful for all these years.

We shall see who stays and who goes.


When I log on, I want to play poker, not learn a new interface.

As far as I’m concerned, these changes do nothing to make the site better. Changes like this irritate your loyal customers, so lower retention rates. Will this be made up by making it easier for new players? Really? I doubt it will have any impact at all on new players.

Every change seems to add new bugs, and these are often bigger problems than the changes were supposed to address.

If you want to make a positive impact, stop wasting dev resources on meaningless cosmetic changes and add some new games.


The website is already too confounding. I’ve referred at least 3 friends to this site and all have played briefly and not returned. There is simply too much clutter and gimmicks that confuse newbies and distract them from the reason they came here.

Imagine you’ve never seen this site before. The second you log in you’re bombarded with achievements, leaderboards, “bust the staff” and endless other pop ups and non game distractions. As a newbie to the site you have no idea what these things are and immediately feel uncomfortable.

Everything about the landing page is a UX disaster and the new site is just the same thing using a more modern CSS framework.


I think replay will flag me on this, just like Twitter.

I love Replay as it is. Yes, changes are hard but let’s give tech a chance .We never know ,could be better. I am sure if it is nor satisfactory, RP staff will work to get it right.


Fizzymint Hi. Could you get new dealers .All the dealers here on Replay need to be fired ! :rofl:Thank you! I just remembered something else Jmo…Leave it like it is but terminate the river card Please…



I agree with all the players who don’t want change. I say keep this site old boring and stupid, just like most of the players who play here!

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From my Thought of the Day.
“Newer is not always better”.
My experience with Windows 11 shows that.

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Pretty rude comment duster


Why have a section on “Ring Game Activity,” but nothing for tournament activity?

Why make the tournament listings section taller? Is making people scroll more an improvement?

The Friends Leaderboard section gets taller too, and seems less useful. The existing feature shows the friends that are close to your chip totals. Yeah, you can scroll to see them all, but I’m interested in seeing who I’m about to overtake, not those I will never catch.

I get that you want to keep things fresh with a new look. To me, this is like putting nicer wrapping paper on a gift. Wouldn’t it be better to spend the time and effort on a better gift rather than on nicer paper? Do you really think that appearances are more important than content?


Your wasting prime real estate with all those green rectangular things and friends leaderboard section. At least put a poker table on it. There is nothing that screams “ Poker “ here !


I would like a list of tournaments that i win in my dashboard. :slight_smile:


Instead of using your valuable time on that how about fixing table lag and other important matters?
Asking for many friends :slight_smile:


LOL “Hey I highly RESEMBLE that!” lol


Can you check out my Reply to Unskilled in the “Network Delays” thread? Performance is key over “sexiness”.

The other sites offer lots of graphics and that processing time wreaks havoc on performance at those sites. (I’ve found)


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“I say keep this site old boring and stupid, just like most of the players who play here!”, said the person that only has 2,484,898 chips after being a member for 7 years.

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agree with most of the comments why change at all? if it ain’t broken Don’t fix it Please Just add more bonus / free chips & a few more tables - 3 player 5 player black jack poker let it ride poker? how about interest on earned chips? 1 1/2 % per month ? lots of better ways to keep players playing Thanks

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