New here, need help

Since i’m new here I need to get used to this site, First what does Buy in mean? Also what would be the best settings for a new player?

Welcome gruffbadger!
“Buy-in” refers to the number of chips you will need to use in order to join a ring game or tournament. I would suggest you start with the Freeroll tournaments or low blinds, small buy-in ring games. We are really glad you joined Replay! Good luck and good poker!

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i cannot find out where my balance of tourney tickets are listed, and what are they good for, thanks for the help, sean82nd

top of lobby screen on right hit down arrow go to bank its next to your picture or put your curser on your chip count just to left of that next to get chips. will tell rank and tickets

tickets used to buy in certain tourneys look down buy in on tourney list will show 15000 chips or a ticket symbol you get tickets in multi tourneys . look down prize pool list either free or 2000 buy in

WELCOME to Replay

I had over 72k now I have 16k replaypoker stole my chips keep it bye

I checked out your play chip transaction history and you paid 50K to join the ‘Be Punished’ tourney:

You finished in 8th just missing out on the prizes. That’s unfortunate, but it’s certainly not stealing :confused: