Help. How do I know which tournaments have buy-in? How to identify them? How many take place in the tournament?

On the Lobby page for Multi-Table Tournaments there’s a column heading which states Buy-in (which is the 3rd column from the right).


Are you talking about rebuy, maybe? If so it will have a +R usually below the buy in amount. The information on the rebuy can be found in the game lobby.
Royal Endurance

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in 13 mins



2.5K + R/


What about the other tournaments that appear on the Dashboard? how to know if there will be? How many will have, how is it warned that it is the last one?

I think I asked wrong. The buy in I’m referring to, is when we’re playing the game, everybody bets everything, and they have 20 seconds to reload, that’s the buy in I’m referring to. I want to know how to identify the matches that have this, how often it occurs and how to visualize this option?

Then you are talking about rebuy MTTs indicated by the +R after the buy in amount. Some of these tournaments have a limited number of chances to rebuy and some are unlimited, but in all I’ve seen, the chance to rebuy ends after the first break. You can see how long it is to the first break by looking at the lobby or clicking the info box at the table.


thank you so much. but buy what? Look at “what” in the lobby, is there so much information? Do the rebuy chips leave our account?

When you rebuy, you are buying more chips so you can stay in the tournament. Yes, the price you pay to rebuy is deducted from your account, and that amount is added to the prize pool.

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