Still Happening free chips

i just reg for a tourny: 145431. There is no buy in, just 2000 starting chips thats it. So how come i can reg and play when i don have that many, its simple maths. When i start the game u credit my acount with the startin chips. Why? This would be very serious if it were cash.

I think you’re confusing play chips with tourney chips. Play chips is the currency we use on the site, which you use to buy-in to tournaments and play with on the ring game tables. Tourney chips are the amount of chips every player starts with at the beginning of the tournament. Effectively when you buy-in to a tournament you’re either exchanging X play chips for the right to enter the tournament, or in a freeroll like you referred to above (145431), ReplayPoker itself is offering a free tournament for all players. Regardless of whether there’s a buy-in or not, you start with a few thousand chips in order to compete for the tourney, but these’s are only used for the purposes of the tournament to determine the ranking and prizes are then awarded in play chips based on the prize distribution for that tournament, which could either be fixed in advance or based on a division of the total buy-in. Hope that all makes sense now?