A little info please

  1. If you buy chips you are automatically moved to higher limit tables?
  2. All prizes are basically chips?
  3. I read that they had great customer service here, I see no way to talk to anyone except here??
  4. I was getting ahead much of the time when I was playing with free chips, bought some, and I don’t think I have gotten a pair of face cards in at least a few hours of playing. Makes me wonder if it is gamed to get me out of chips so I will buy more?? Makes me not want to buy any chips anymore…smh…

A1. No, you (and your bankroll) decide what stakes to play at.
A2. Yes, all prizes are chips or tickets with a chip value.
A3. You can message Replay from the top bar of your dashboard page and they will reply. There are also a bunch of mods and player reps that will help you out and many of the veteran players will chime it too.
A4. No, it’s not rigged. Replay has had it’s RNG certified as fair and correct. At the bottom of the dashboard page you will find a copy

If you feel that certain hands were dodgy, please post a link and some good players will give you their opinion and advice


I’ll add to feelmysins #4: I know how it could feel like that - coincidence can be a compelling thing, but that’s all it is - coincidence. I’ve never bought a single chip and am just shy of 4 million (sorry Replay, nothing personal). Some people here have never bought a single chip and have tens or hundreds of millions - even billions - of chips.


Thank, you guys, I have only been playing a few months, and was going through a bad streak. Things have improved. Think I was on tilt lol.

Anyways I still do

Acknowledging your short comings is step 1.

Best of luck .

For some promotional tourneys they offer swag gifts to the top 3 or 2.

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Snitty…I won a cool spice rack one time :sunglasses:


I won a hoodie with my username on it …


If you are feeling unsure about the site don’t buy chips. Use the free chips the site gives you when you bust out. Stay on the lowest limit tables until you can grow your bank organically. At the lower levels expect very loose play so only play quality starting hands and go to the the river with no less than 2 pair, 3 of a kind, straights or flushes. Don’t get in the habit of calling all the way to the river hoping to make a hand. When you believe you are ahead raise. Patience and folding marginal hands are your friend. Good Luck

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Yes you did - and because of that I got the lower prize - lol - great playing- great tourney.


even more FREE chips now on the 15 th of every month

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Yup, the monthly Endorsement Chip Drop.

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