A quick qestion...again...:)

Just a quick question once again if I may.
And that is, any and all chips you win are added to your bankroll correct?

And, not a little story about a couple of recent hands…

I got 4 aces in a hand, the last on the river, I bet 4 bucks on the river so everyone else could enjoy my good fortune just a bit more :slight_smile:

Another hand… I was at a table playing 5 other people, they were constantly raising preflop by like 10 bucks or so. it would go around and around…I got two 10’s, and wanted to slow play them. I finally got sick of it and simply went all in. They were the kind of folks that would go all in as well, all five of them. The hand ended with me getting 4 10’s and taking all of their money!..Karma strikes again!
I am becoming a poker addict I think…lol

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The chips you win or lose in a ring game are added or subtracted to your bankroll However, tournament table chips are not. Tournaments mostly have set payouts that bear no relationship to chip value. Tournament table chips are used on the table and to “keep score” until the tournament gets down to the payout places. The chips you win from the payout are then added to your bankroll.

Thanks, I think at times I lose more then I realize, and then look at my chip total and think it is wrong, I need to keep track better more then likely. Anyways, I am enjoying this website more and more the more I play. Going to have to go try a cash game in person soon.

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On your dashboard page you will see “Ring Game Activity”. Click the [profit/loss] button and you can see a 7 day history of your profit or loss.
Also, if you click on your bankroll a dropdown screen should appear. On the bottom of this screen is [See all transactions]. This will take you to your entire Replay history. Date/time you played, table number, buy-in and chip balances.