Multi tournament bounty poker games

I think for the bounty Tournaments there should be no rebalancing. If you have played better than the players at your table you should be able to collect their bounty when their chips are low. Why rebalance someone who has taken out 2 players and has a high chip count and send him/her to another table when he deserves to take out the lesser chip people? i had this happen to me last night in the 10k (1800) bounty tourney. The lesser chip people get to play with other lesser chip people and they have a chance to get a bounty when they have already been out played. Thanks.

Hi Goin4the river

Yeah, i understand what you mean, it is annoying when a player with a low stack moves to another table in a (bounty) knockout tournament. There is only one system for moving players to keep the numbers of players equal on the tables.

There are games where you stay on one table until one player remains. Not sure how it exactly works when players play on one table until one player remains. Not know on which table that player continues his game. Wait until all tables are finished and than on one table or if he goes to a table already in play.

Perhaps you or other players have experience with it.

Greetings Happiness.