Bounty tournaments - change the rewards

Instead of winning 2K or whatever whenever you knock a player out, I think it’s more fun if each entrant starts with say 500 chips on their head, and when a player knocks someone out, that players bounty would go up 25% and the remaining 75% gets added to the tourny prize pool.

I just played a tounry like it on Sky Poker, and it’s a hoot!


Think i not understand this well. Now, when the bounty is 2k and i knocked out 3 players, i won 6k (no matter if i ended in the prizes) and the 6k will be added to my bankroll as soon as i finished in the tourney.

In your case, when i knock out a player i get nothing, my own bounty on my head goes up and the rest goes into the prize pool. What i get for knocking out a player?

Please help me out.

Nothing. It’s all about knocking out players.

If you go out with a built up bounty on your head, you get that.

In that case only the winner ends with a bounty on their head. Right?

Yes. Sorry, thats what I meant. If you win with a built up bounty, then that’s your jackpot if you like,

It means that players are working a bit harder to knock people out as well as obviously win.

It was really good fun when I played it. Maybe you could set up just occasional tables that do it. I think people will like it, as long as they like fierce, aggresive poker :slight_smile:

Make it even more ridiculous…

Don’t have a prize pool. Everyone starts with their buy in as the price on their head and if you knock someone out, you get the whole bounty.

Winner takes all.

So much fun.

Ah, i got it:)…yes indeed, sounds very good. It would take a lot of work to develop it i think, the prize pool will change untill the last player is on table. But for sure an idea to keep on the list.

Thanks for bringing up this idea…lol…both idea’s, with and without prize pool:))

I’m only having fun.

I thinnk you’ve got a great chance with Replay to experiment with variations of the game that members will have fun with as well as playing fun and safe poker.

I’ll keep throwing ideas out there anyway.