Bigger Bounties in Knockout Tournaments

When playing a knockout tournament I simply feel the bounty you receive for knocking an opponent out is just way to small. When playing a knockout tournament I want the bounty on other players heads to factor into the decision making I make with every hand, it is this change in strategy and style which makes these knockout tournaments a breath of fresh air in comparison to your average MTT or SnG. As it currently stands the bounties on players heads are so small in comparison to the payout when u make the money, that play is hardly altered if at all. I suggest if we divide the prize pool up, half to each players bounty and the other half to the payouts, this will create bounties large enough to significantly alter the approach most players take to their average MTT.

An Example of the how the prizes would be laid out is in say the 10,000 bounty hunter, 4250 chips would be added to each player as a bounty, and 4250 chips would be added to the prize pool. (500 chip rake) If the number of players that would make the money be reduced by this, i feel that is fine due to the fact that players would acquire considerable sums of chips via knockouts.

A good showing of how this mixes up gameplay and creates a new fun environment is the idea of making the money the first couple of hands. Usually in a MTT you must grind through multiple levels in the hope of finally reaching the money, but with these large bounties on players heads you can theoretically make the money in the first couple of hands! simply two knockouts is all it would take to pay for your buy in! This would drastically change how the tournament would play out when the common style of survival becomes less optimal then attempting to go bounty hunting. This would make low blind play a much different experience and frankly, more interesting and exciting.

I understand the argument that some would make saying that this structure for a tournament would encourage “bingo” play but i would like to suggest that it would do just the opposite. The main problem when encountering every hand all-in players is that players would say to themselves, “I’m not risking my tournament life to pick this guy off let someone else do it” and when someone finally musters the courage to call they are only rewarded with a double up, which is less equity then you might think. This format rewards players for their courage with a substantial knockout bounty as well as a double up, this added benefit would allow players to loosen up their calling requirements and feel more confident in trying to pick off bingo players. I’m not saying that there will not be a very aggressive strategy, but those bingo players everyone seems to hate wont be around very long to gamble!

The programming for this type of format should be fairly easy to implement since i believe the devs only have to change the payout distributions and not program anything new. So i hope some members of the community will read this and try to support this idea because i really do think this small addition will change the game for the better in a big way. please feel free to criticize this idea and provide feedback. If you actually took the time to read this whole thing thank you.

Solid feedback! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

We’ve been experimenting a little bit with bounties behind the scene (You may have noticed during the last Bust the Staff) and actually had Renato make some fixes to the code that have made them easier for us to use. (Thanks, man! ^5)

Will definitely pass this on to the rest of the team!

I think it’s a great idea in the real world. With play money I’m not sure it will change drastically the way people approach the game.

The main reason being that very few people actually think bankroll building but rather:
a. let’s just play a MTT for fun, it’s cheap.
b. let’s just play for a good final position to get awarded points in the leader board.

These are the types of players you’ll meet. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong, but the percentage of players actually watching the prize pool and the bounty to determine if it’s better to aim at the classic ITM spot or go bounty hunting are a tiny minority.

That being said I think it’d be interesting to have your payout structure not so much for early blinds action but rather for the middle part of the tourney. Where more often than not you’ll find yourself with 15BB-20BB or lower. At that moment if you steal blinds aggressively -that is by shoving, which is fairly standard- other people will have a calling range contorted towards more marginal hands since the 47,5% of your buy-in bounty seems very attractive if you don’t risk to get busted.

So it will bring more action when it really matters, making it slightly more interesting.

Mostly for regular tournaments the bounty is 20%.

New is the SnG MT High Bounty, the buy-in is 10K, 12 players (2 tables of 6) with a bounty of 50%.

Have fun!

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Thank you for this addition to the site! It is really awesome to see how the staff and devs will actually take feedback from the community in trying to improve the site.

Thanks again, Cheers!

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