Payout problem?

The Bounty Chase tourney that began 18 May 5:30am showed a buy-in of 10,000 in the Poker lobby.

There were 11 players and @ 10,000 per I expected to see a payout of 99,000 (110,000 x .9) but the Prize Pool in the Tourney Lobby was only 77,000.

Seems something is wrong in either the calculation of the prize pool, or in my understanding of how it is calculated. Do I need to be schooled in the way this is calculated or does Replay need to pay us (JohnInFlorida, george100 & benoni) a few more chips?

Thanks in advance, JohnInFlorida

hmmmm … I may have just answered my own question …

The cost of the bounty comes out of the winners share, not as a “bonus” from Replay … correct?

If that is correct, though, the prize pool should have been neither 99,000 or 77,000, but 79,000 since the winner cannot knock him/herself out … 10 knockouts, not 11.

(11 players x 10,000) x .9 = 99,000) minus (10 bounties x 2,000 = 20,000) = 79,000

hmmmm again … I think I must be a “number nerd” … LOL

Hi JohnInFlorida

I agree there is no good info in the tourlobby about it on the new site (is still on the to-do list) It works this way.

The regular Bounty tourneys, 3 tourneys a day.

The buy-in is 10k. (Bounty Chase with 11 players) Bounty is 20%…2k Fee is 10% over the buy-in…1k.

Means 11 players, prize pool is 11 x 7k is 77k.

Bounty, for every player you knock out you get 2k, if you win the tourney you get your own bounty too. Bountyes are payed as soon as you are out of the tourney. They are added seperate from the regular prizes of the bounty tourney.

Than we have on Friday (once per 3 weeks) the Friday Special Bounty tourney ( 3 tourneys that day) Than the player pays only the 2k for the Bounty, there is a free prize pool of 200k. Sort of freeroll, you only pay your own bounty to make it special.

Greetings Happiness.

Happiness …

Ok, as I said in post 2, the light bulb went on after I put up the original post … the only part I didn’t understand at that point was deducting a bounty for the ultimate winner from the prize pool. But if that bounty is paid to the winner even though he/she never “knocks him/herself out” then it all comes out in the wash.

Thank you for the explanation, it was most helpful.