Better bounties

Ideas for bounty tournaments with more targeted gameplay.

  1. Start with 2x bounty but lower placing payouts.
  2. Display player bounties on their tag at the table.
  3. When you win a bounty, you bank half and half is added to your own.
  4. Place 1st and keep your own bounty.

I think a structure like this would create a far more hunting style game, if you could see a players knockout value increasing it would make for a more attractive targets rather than just aiming for the lowest stacks, it may just be me but I often forget I’m even playing a bounty mtt unless I happen to see it in the chat and then once you’ve knocked out 5 players, you’re on a freeroll, it kinda gets forgotten about altogether. It would bring different possible strategies too, players could perhaps use their bounty level as a way to either attract more or less attention etc. and the final table shootout would be all the more worth it.

What ya think?

I think the higher the bounties, the higher the “ All ins “ as seen in Bust the Staff Tournament bounties.

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people already play stupid and call with the worst hands and end up winning in bounty tourneys they don’t need anymore incentive.


I’ve never noticed a correlation between bounties and all-in shoves especially in the Bust the Staff tourneys. And, I’ve been playing them ever since I’ve been on here.

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  1. Would be great for those who play for knockouts but forgetting about the main prize of 1st Place
  2. Would be great for everyone!
  3. Would be great for those who play for knockouts but forgetting about the main prize of 1st Place
  4. Totally agree

Why do you think Replay Poker call’s the tournament “ Bust the Staff “ ? You bust a staff member and collect a huge bounty. The best way this I’d done is trapping them by going “all in “ . Since the bounties are huge now participation has doubled and so has the “ All ins “. I’m surprised you can’t see that.

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I see what you’re now saying but I’ve noticed we are putting the Staff member all-in to bust not that I’m putting myself all-in.

I didn’t say you. I said more players are going “ all in “ to collect the huge bounties.