Love the bounty freeroll yesterday. It would be great to include a bounty in some of your regular tournaments!

Loved the bounty tournament, hope u have more in future!!! Also include bounties in some of regular chip tourny’s.

Hi johndqqq

Glad you like the tournaments with a bounty. I agree, it is fun knocking out players and getting chips for it:))

There are 3 regular daily tourneys with a bounty. Not with a free prize pool, but still funny to play i hope.

It are the Bounty Chase, Bounty Hunter and the Bounty Brawl. For all 3 you pay 10k to enter. Than it is 1k fee, 7k goes in the prize pool and 2k is for the bounty.

The bounties you win will be paid when you finished the tourney. If you ended in the tourney prizes, it will be paid out seperately.

Greetings Happiness.

Thanks for your feedback Johndqqq. We will try to add more in the regular schedule soon.

Don’t miss out the Online Series bounty Events #3 #8 and #15 :slight_smile:

Cheers, Shake

u can c how often i read my e-mail. Just saw your response to my e-mail Thank u very much.

I was unaware of the bounty tournaments already available. I will definitly be joining these in the future. Thanks again love this site.

Thanks johndqqq - that’s great to hear! :smiley: