Bring in the heavy hitters

hey why don’t you guys have a tournement that multiplys the buyin for instance if you have a ten thousand chip buyin someone could buyin up to fifty thousand and if they win or place the payout would be five times more The tourney points would remain the same. It would probably bring in some more high stake players so we could learn from them

Hmmm. the pay out is based on the buy-ins of all registrated players. If 10 players pay the buy-in of 10k and 1 player pays 50k buy-in, and the player with 50k buy-in wins, he can never wins a prize pool as it is with 11 players who payed 50k. And for the site it will be to expensive to pay-out the difference.

But a re-buy option will be great for some tourneys. When you lost your start chips you can re-buy (untill x mins in a tourney and x times in a tourney) for the same buy-in and you continues the tourney with the start chips again. Also there can be an add-on during the break, all players can buy x extra tournament chips for x chips to increase their chips in the tournament. After that the re-buy option is gone. That all will slow down the tourney, players get x sec to re-buy when they lost their chips, or a box to click for an automatically re-buy, but it can be done for only a few tourneys and it is announced that it is a re-buy tourney.

That can increase the the prize pool and tournament points also to make it more atractive for players.

Hope more players will share their thoughts about ideas to make the prize pool and gaining tournaments points more atractive. It must be possible to create some tourneys with 500+ players in the future.

Greetings Happiness.

ok thanks happiness it was just an idea.

I was pleased with your topic, and the intention was clear and understandable, your idea can bring more related ideas here.

So thanks for bring up this topic, i hope for more suggestions and comments.