Multi table frustration

Please fix this. When im at one table and decide to open up another then often the new table opens up on my previous table.
Another annoying thing is when game client resize itself… Especially when at tournament, every time tables re balance, game client also resizes. It makes it so frustrating to play 3 or more tournaments at the same time.

Another annoying thing i forgot to mention is, when you are at a table with free seats and use “Find me a seat” on full table, you can get seated to the table you are already at, making the table crash.

Good Morning I play every day and lost chips for the last four days so I decided to ring in only 50k so when I went to enter the 50k Red lines came up and said u must bring up 125kto 200k at the table so I tried that again and it said the same by than another player came and sat in so I went to a different table same thing happened so I put in 125k lost some of that so I went to another table and asked the players if the amount changed so u cant start with 50k any more but it went so fast u could not read what I asked them so I finally could put in 50k but I just left Please tell me are we allowed to start with 50k Thank you sammymorgan