I can not see the cards

Today i saw this first time:

This was the old windowstyle:

Parts of the table-window are now in front of the cards. Not very good. I have a small table/window-size and need this for playing multitable.
I can change the seat, but on Stud-tables, where are cards of other players to see this is a big problem now. And on showdown are other players cards not to see too.

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Hi @Poki65!

I sent you a message via email to follow up on this issue. Please check your inbox.


Hi I noticed that you have your table expanded to the fullest. You might try to grab the inner edge of the window to make the window smaller. that should make it so you could see the whole cards. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


resize your table

The message of chipsmama didn’t find the way to me. I waited long time, searched at mailprovider, spam and everywhere, but not to find. But I got a request “Did it help?”. And “Buy chips”. I think the server was down at sending.

And my hoping was Replay can take this change back.
Resizing the table may be a good idea and is very easy, but I need this tablesize for playing multitable, and don’t want to change this. To have one table in front of the other is not better. Playing only 2 tables on a screen or buying new bigger screens are good ideas too.

My playing was to no time a problem, but now someone had the idea to bring other things in front of the cards, and this is not good. I am on table to play poker, and not to look on a header panel.

Better now. I looked short to the scripts of MADHOF, wrote a command for Console, and now are the cards in front of the header panel again. Other parts of table are in moment not more to see, lol, but nothing what I must have. In 10 days I can go on working on this and can make it better and to a script. All ok now.
Do it yourself.


Not easy to find 5 nice tables for playing, and not easy to bring them on screen.

That’s a lot of tables to play at once. Slow to act yes ?


It is not only a “try and can not” what I do. On 5 tables I have time to eat and to do other things near playing. Nice playing and big wins. I played on 8 too. Result: 22600 points (Low + Mid Stakes) on an easy week on a very great Replay event, Hold’em Hustle (tyvm, RP). You can look who had the next most points:

A dream to come there on top. I needed only to play on 2 of 7 days for doing this.
Great congratulations came to my mailbox. WOW
And I was winner of all Ring Promotions this year.
Something goes on on background.
But I must see my cards for doing such great things. Problems on table not needed.
I hope my problems are better to understand now. I play a little bit harder.

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Wow, 8 tables at once ? I tried 4 and no enjoyment. 2 is more comfortable for me, 1 is most enjoyable and less stressful.

Congratulations Poki on your concentration and success :+1:t2:


I’m experiencing the same problem Why did it change overnight? How can reverse it to the old but correct format?

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I’m sure Tech Team made this.
In my picture you can see the checkbox z-index (2 red arrows). If you uncheck it, then are the cards in front on this table. If the table reloads, the wrong format comes back.
But better Replay take this change back.
I use Opera, i think i must DevTools install on Opera. I made this a while ago, can not remember


Hi, I certainly appreciate you donating your time and energy to solve my problem. However, I am not savvy enough to tackle the innards of my pc any more than I could tackle the innards of my car. I did goggle Opera to confirm my assumption that it is a browser. I thank you very much for trying to help me. You are very kind!

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I use Microsoft Edge for my browser and never have a problem unless it’s on Replays end and then they apply a fix .