Playing multiple tables

Payers should only be allowed to play one table at a time. Often times, players at more than one table hold up the game and destroy the rhythm of the game

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Some players are slow regardless of how many tables they are playing. I like to play 2-3 at a time because it’s more interesting. I am probably slower if I am only playing 1 table because I am probably watching a video, doing work, and/or surfing the net. If I am playing 2-3 then I am definitely focused on playing.


Thanks for the suggestion jjack. But I have to agree with JoeDirk on this one. Whilst it’s some players I imagine are slowed down by playing multiples, being limited to just one, could also cause problems too and penalize those that can handle multiple tables.

Totaly agree with you, jjack.

You gotta remember that there already is not a lot of time to really think about decisions. I usually take up at least half the time on every hand since it seems like its between a max of 20-30s.
Just be patient, friend. Use that time to think! :smiley:

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Dont think so, every player have a clock and its your time that gived to you to play a hand, you can use all of this time or make a quick call, so, untill their clock is moving they can play second table too, no problem. There is some tourneys like Asian are start one at 13:00 and second one at 14:00, the people who play for Asian league should play both tourney to get more points for monthly leaderboard, so, sometimes they need play 2 tables at the same time. Destroy the rhythem of game can bad connection too, on the weekend its happen often.

Agree, its boring to wait a good hand on only one table, better when you play 2, more fun.

You are playing 2 or 3 tables at the same time Joe and you are very good player, played many times in “sit and go” with you.

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plat 1 table at a time. otherwise u can hold up other players.

think it is players own decision, some likes to play 2 tables and others likes to play 1 table, we are not all the same. Not all who play 2 tables are slow players and not all who play 1 table are fast players.


SLOW play (regardless of how many tables you play) is Inconsiderate & rude. Just plain Selfish. If players would sit and pay attention to the game at hand, then there would be no need for multi table games because that game would go quickly.

I agree with jjack. AND Replay should have speed tables.

There use to be a Poker Site that had a “Vote off” button. If a player was Slow, Rude or just a plain jerk, 3 votes and they are gone.


The idea of a vote off button has been mooted before, as well as table hosts that can decide if someone should be removed for whatever reason. In principle I like the idea, but only if we could figure out a way to stop abuse of the system. I think it’s valid perhaps on the lowest stake tables which tend to witness the worst behaviour from players. As always, appreciate player feedback so if you feel strongly on the subject now’s a good time to air your views!

I often play two tables myself, but I agree that some players that do, tend to hold up one table while make decisions on the other. The clock-time this site allows for decisions is the time you get, and I’m fine with that, so no complaints, just a suggestion.

I wouldn’t mind seeing two sets of tables with different timers, the regular one, and set of “super fast” tables where people that don’t want the regular clock could play. Maybe on these tables, you would get half or a quarter of the time the present clock allows. Slower decision makers would naturally gravitate to the tables with the regular clocks, and faster to the sped up ones.

It’s not real world, but it should be fun. Right now I play two tables at once and would rather just play one faster one.

I thickits a goodidea

In tournament play, the solid lightning bolts in front of the game’s name (in the lobby) indicates that it is a fast-hand table.
The hollow bolt means a slower hand.

Some of us enjoy a slower pace of play, because we come here to do just that: play. It’s a free site, it’s for playmoney chips, and still is much faster that real life games.

To me, “Selfish” means demanding that everyone do everything your way, no matter the situation or rules. Your time is yours to use as you see fit, just as the cards are yours to play as you see fit. You can’t play others’ cards, no matter how badly you want to; you can’t determine someone else’s time, no matter how much you wish it so.


if you make the timers shorter and give those" hurry up annoying little zzzzzz that fill up the chat screen
people" the shorter timer option that would be ok with me…then i wouldnt have to feel like i was being hurried to make a decision by playing those shorter timer games… everyone feels like… their opinions are the only opinions …and everyone elses stinks…i play at whatever speed i have time for … sometimes i’m fast sometimes slow… if the timer runs out i’m folded… if that messes up your rythum… it’s not my problem … if you want make some of the games super duper ultra flash bang turbo for these" speedies " thats OK with Me I’m sorry…( NOT REALLY) if my decision making process or my connection rate isn’t up to the "slow play complainers " approval…

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When someone zzzzzzzs me, I play slower… much slower. If that sets them off, it’s an additional advantage for me. Many players do the same.

The time I take is determined by the software, not by the whines of impatient children.


Maybe some turbo tournaments would cure this problem. Do you have any plans to introduce them Mr Replay?

i agree with all who cant stand the constant slow play,timing out every card is frustrating for all play,no matter if they already folded or have a good hand.i’ve commented on this before and we haven’t seen any outcome to problem.the suggestion of table monitor sounds good and i would like to see this implemented.nothing worse then waiting on player you know is in 2,3,4 games at once and slowing the rythm of other players if their winning or losing.definitly need something done about this problem.

+1: there should be more ‘speed’ or ‘turbo’ tournaments for those without patience…


  • playing multiple tables at once is fun, you get more interesting hands to play
  • even in turbo tournaments, if you only play one table, it still might be slow so you’re doing other stuff
  • playing slow deliberately can be a strategic advantage:
    • the other player thinks you’re really in a tough spot and have to think it over
    • if you’re short stacked, in position 17/18 and the tourney price pool is for the top 15, I’ll play slow. If the other table plays faster, there’s more chance people on the other table go bankrupt (increasing blinds pressure) and you make it to the prize pool
    • piss of people intentionally (emotions do matter)

Actually, in tourneys, especially for higher pots or at the final table, I would love to even see a ‘time’ button when you really need some extra time to think over your hand!

Just my2c.